Gotham City Impostors weapons, fun facts and gadgets guide

Heavy Weapons

Heavy Weapons are just that, “heavy,” meaning they’ll weigh down everyone except the Burly and Mighty characters. However, they make a nice Back Up for smaller body types, since your movement isn’t penalized until you have the weapon out. Experiment with different ways to compensate for the extra weight, like Skates or movement improving Fun Facts.

Insane rate of fire meets surprising accuracy; this is the big man’s SMG. For Mods, a sight, Penetrator ammo or Extended Magazines are all great options.

High damage heavy machine gun, with an upgraded sight this can be a truly dominant medium range weapon. If this is your Back Up weapon you probably won’t have time to aim, so try the Muzzle Break for improved hip firing.

Deep Freezer:
Obviously based on the designs of one Dr. Victor Fries, this unique weapon freezes enemies solid with an icy blast. Your target will have to shake himself loose by wiggling the analog stick. Don’t give him the chance, follow up with a shotgun blast, a melee attack, or a swipe of your Falcon Blade. If used properly, the Deep Freezer can be worth the movement penalty for a lighter character. Try compensating with Rollerskates or Spring Shoes.

Sniper Weapons

The self-explanatory sniper rifle section, both The Marshal and Buccaneer are deadly accurate, so you’re choosing between firing rate or power, respectively. The Bear Stalker Bow, however, is a whole different ball game. Remember, a Grapple Gun can be a sniper’s best friend, letting him reach high firing positions, and then change perches quickly when enemies get wind of him. Targeting Goggles let him find foes fast, and contribute to the team by spotting targets. Also, sniper rifles do not have Penetrator ammo, so if your target has Body Armor, go for the head.

The Marshal:
High rate of fire but low damage, so headshots are especially important. Your default Scope Lens offers the traditional long range sniper scope, but switching to a 4x Scope Lens makes for a medium range weapon. For Mods, the Body Odor Sniffer will help you find bad guys, especially if you’re not using Targeting Goggles, and Extended Magazines will get the most out of that mean rate of fire.

Very, very powerful but very, very slow. High damage means you don’t always have to shoot for the head, but it’ll be devastating when you do. If you’re a one shot, one kill kind of guy, this is your rifle. Ninja Smoke Bombs can help you make a clean get away.

When it comes to finesse, there’s nothing quite like a bow. It takes a second or two to pull back for maximum damage, but you can do it without scoping the weapon, which lets you keep your eyes peeled for victims. Again, the 4x Scope provides mid-range versatility and the Body Odor Sniffer will track your quarry. For Gadgets, the Targeting Goggles are a great choice. They’ll help the whole team hunt, and it keeps tabs on the enemy so you can avoid close encounters, where your bow will be less effective. Try a Desperado or the Chaperone for a Back Up weapon.