Gotham City Impostors weapons, fun facts and gadgets guide


In GCI, you have two weapon slots, Ready and Back Up, and any gun can go in either space. Many players prefer Rifles and Heavy Weapons as a Ready, with Shotguns or Submachine guns as a Back Up, but the opposite can be viable as well. For your first two unlocks, consider a pair of weapons that compliment each other, i.e. a high range Assault Rifle and the up close punch of a Shotgun.

Assault Rifles

All of GCI’s assault rifles are powerful long range weapons, but they differ in rate of fire and clip size. You can try the Dawn Patrol and Partisan via the Striker and Medic classes, and the Huntsman is a highly accurate semi-auto like the MK14 in Modern Warfare 3. Try them out and see which firing mechanism suits you, then work that weapon into your build.

Dawn Patrol:
The standard assault rifle, it’s powerful, shoots fast but lacks accuracy. Good for speedy players skating, bouncing and otherwise on the move. Try a Red Dot Sight for improved accuracy, or Extended Magazines for real Scarface action.

This highly accurate semi-auto fires as fast as you can pull the trigger. Use its pinpoint accuracy to make each shot count. With a Red Dot Sight this is practically a sniper rifle, while the Reflex Sight is better for medium range. If you’re already a crack shot Extended Magazines will make you one deadly impostor.

A semi-auto that fires a three-round burst, this rifle works best at medium to long range. The key to dominating with this gun is getting all three rounds in your target. Try it with a Red Dot Sight and carry a Shotgun or Submachine gun to compensate for its close range failings, or the Deep Freezer to make sure opponents stay still.

Submachine Guns 

While best in close quarters, GCI’s Submachine Guns are versatile. They work well as a Back Up or Ready weapon for big or little characters.

The most balanced Submachine Gun, and considerably powerful up close. Makes an excellent Ready Weapon for smaller, more nimble characters, try it with the Muzzle Break if hip firing is your thing. It’s also a great Back Up weapon for heavy characters, Extended Magazines help for mopping up foes.

Lacks the Gatekeeper’s punch, but man does it fire fast. Best at close range, avoid the Muzzle Break since you’re already lacking in damage. Try Extended Magazines or Penetrator Ammo to chew through Body Armor.