Get the iconic Razer Kraken headset for its lowest ever price in the US and the UK

Razer Kraken
(Image credit: Razer)

There are plenty of Black Friday gaming headset deals flying around right now but getting the Razer Kraken for its lowest ever price is a killer deal this winter. That's one of gaming's most iconic headsets for just $49.99 in the US or £39.99 in the UK. This is frankly a ridiculous price for the quality you're getting - it takes the Kraken down into budget or entry-level headset price range when it's audio offers a far more premium experience.

The Razer Kraken is one of the most ubiquitous headsets in gaming, mixing great sound, comfort, compatibility, and ease of use. The custom-tuned 50mm drivers provide a wide and nuanced range of sound, while the 3.5mm jack means you can just plug in and play. The unidirectional microphone not only picks up your voice easily but retracts to stay out of the way when you don't need it. 

Despite that impossibly low price, you're still getting a sturdy bauxite aluminum frame that's both durable and light. There's thick padding, including gel ear cushions to keep things cool, both of which mean you can wear these for longer without discomfort.

Razer Kraken headset | $80 $49.99 at Amazon US

Razer Kraken headset | $80 $49.99 at Amazon US
The famous headset is as good as it's ever been and offers flawless sound no matter what you play, and what you play on it. And this is its lowest ever price, remember.

Razer Kraken Headset | £80 £39.99 at Amazon UK

Razer Kraken Headset | £80 £39.99 at Amazon UK
Same deal in the UK: the headset is at it's lowest ever price, and it having a '3' at the beginning of it makes it a very silly price indeed.

In terms of getting connected there's a 3.5mm jack that will plug into just about anything that makes noise, as well as an included splitter extension to take advantage of any gear that has separate audio and mic options. There are also inline controls to adjust the volume or mic as you play. It's a great bit of kit and you can't say no at this price.

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