Elden Ring streamer shows you can simply bludgeon Shadow of the Erdtree's awful final boss to death - in just 50 seconds and with only 11 hits

Elden Ring DLC Omen chakrams
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An Elden Ring streamer has beaten Shadow of the Erdtree's supreme final boss in 11 hits and 50 seconds. Be warned, there are spoilers for the DLC's final boss here!

The honor belongs to streamer Calebhart42, seen in the clip just below. The streamer manages to utterly decimate Promised Consort Rahan, Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree's final boss, in roughly 50 seconds, and what's more, they managed to pull it off with just 11 swings of their weapon (if you're counting visceral attacks as one big strike).

In a follow-up tweet, Calebhart42 breaks down their complete character build in the clip. Surprisingly probably no one is the new Bloodfiend's Arm weapon leading the way, upgraded to level +25 - this is a Colossal-class weapon that's basically become the go-to weapon for anyone who wants to pull off incredibly staggering attacks like these.

Curiously, the streamer has infused Ash of War: Cragblade into their weapon, but they're purposefully using it without the gravity magic part of the ability. It looks like if you use the Cragblade skill when your FP is depleted, it'll instead perfect a massive stomp-like attack, which as you can see in the clip above, utterly destroys Promised Consort Radahn's poise.

Flame Grant me Strength is another crucial part of the build, since it buffs physical attacks, as is Golden Vow, an Incantation which buffs both attack and defense. The Blade of Mercy is an important Talisman for this to work, as it increases attack after each critical hit, as is the Two-Handed Sword Talisman, which does just what it says on the tin and buffs attacks from two-handed weapons. 

Finally, Lord of Blood's Exultation is a Talisman that increases attack power whenever blood loss occurs near a Tarnished, and the Axe Talisman increases charged attack power by 10%. "You want at least 70 Arcane with this and a decent amount of Strength," adds Calebhart42, which is a sound bit of advice.

This will all come as a painful realization to fellow streamer Kai Cenat, who defeated Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree's final boss just recently after 70 hours, 700 deaths, and even a visit from a counselor

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