The team returns to full strength, on set with Doctor Who and the world’s worst chocolates in this week’s peek behind the blast doors

September is the new summer, haven’t you heard? Take one look outside the window for proof of that. For further proof you need only to have taken a look behind closed doors in the SFX office over the past couple of weeks, when no less than six members of the team we’re globetrotting and staycationing their little hearts out.

Dave B took a trip to his regular haunt in Paris, Rich returned with tales of Poutine from Canada (chips, gravy and cheese curds for those not in the know. It’s the Canadian national dish apparently), Russell returned with a ladyboy wife/husband from Bali and Bangkok (note: this may not be true), Catherine took a road trip in the States and Jordan went to, er, Leeds.

The part-timers didn’t have all the fun last week though. Work experience lass Genevieve Taylor made a batch of delicious brownies for the few remaining troops. Dave Golder meanwhile, the lucky so-and-so, was invited down to London for a top secret screening of “The Wedding Of River Song” , last night he was on the tellybox – specifically the BBC Four doc Rex Appeal – and today he’s gone on set for the last week of filming for the Doctor Who Christmas special. Unfortunately Dave G can be loose lipped at the best of times, which meant Nick spent the tail end of last week in constant fear of spoilers – adopting the tried and tested earphones-in-all-day method to block out any potentially dangerous words. Nick is particularly sensitive to spoilers, a point exemplified this morning after he stopped Russell in his tracks before having an interview with Avengers star Diana Rigg spoilt, an interview which Nick was planning to catch up with on the iPlayer. Speaking of Nick, he’s about to take ’60s Doctor Who girl Anneke Wills out to lunch. See, we can do glamour with the best of ’em!

After just a day back in the office, Dave B is already taking the rest of the afternoon as holiday. A holiday which he’s spending on a train down to London for a meeting and Gollancz’s 50th anniversary party – where he’s looking forward to a jolly knees-up with authors, editors and book publishing types. Never off the job that man. He’s also got a new Merlin episode to watch, which he’s very excited to see return on Saturday. Look out for the two Dave’s previews and reviews in the next couple of days. Dave, along with art and production have been putting in the hours this week to get SFX 215 off to the printers. Luckily they have Mission Burrito to help. And the team have been working hard on the new SFX Weekender website, which is almost ready to launch. We're busy putting the finishing touches to that. Look out for it over the weekend.

Rich is missing Canada having remembered just how tiring this work lark is. At least he didn't come back to discover that the entire team had been replaced by damn dirty apes. Multiple team members back from holidays means the office has been inundated with treats from all round the globe this week. Rich opted for delicious Canadian cookies, Catherine returned with Reese’s minature cups and Dave B brought swanky French fruit sweet things, much to the delight of Dave Golder who can’t eat chocolate. No-one wanted to eat Russell’s chocolates though, which appear to have been stuck on a shelf in Bali since the ‘60s given the state they were in when we opened them. That or they’re the victim of some Fringe -style freak who desiccates innocent chocolates for his own nefarious purposes. The fiend!

Rob was very excited to receive an invite to a party to celebrate the launch of Terry Pratchett’s 50th book Snuff , a party on a boat no less. A boat with the greatest name in the history of boats, we’re sure you’ll agree. Check out the invite on the left. Jordan meanwhile used his vacation wisely – playing LA Noire from start to finish in four days (during which he drove over 200km in five and a half hours apparently) and finding himself hopelessly addicted to Fallout 3 . He’s been having a great deal of fun sci-fi celeb spotting in both games – letting out a fanboy squee when John Noble (Walter Bishop from Fringe ) finally turned up during the final desk on LA Noire (where you’re also partnered with Holtz from Angel ) and getting equally excited upon discovering Liam Neeson is your dad in Fallout . His Fallout addiction is somewhat worrying given how close the release of Batman: Arkham City is. What happens if it arrives in the office before he’s finished? First world dilemmas are the worst.


Random Quote Of The Week: “ You’re like the Jesus of cake.”

Whose Shoes? (Last week’s answer: It was Ade’s (NSFW) t shirt!)

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