Set visits, man dates, the latest Comic Heroes and news on next issue’s free gift in this month’s journey to the heart of all things SF

One of the best things about working on a monthly magazine is that outside deadline week we’re free to put our feet up with a fresh cuppa and indulge in long afternoon chats about all things geek. Only kidding! The work never stops in SFX towers (except when we go home, obvs), but the rewards are off the scale amaze-o.

Particularly next week which, in a rare convergence of new issue joy, sees issue 211 of SFX and issue seven of Comic Heroes on shelves on the same day (Wednesday 29 June calendar fans)! You can read all about Comic Heroes here and see the delights contained within the mysterious, Bat-emblazoned cardboard sleeve, on the left. A peek at SFX will have to wait because our copies have yet to descend on SFX Towers (boo!) but we can reveal that every reader will be getting a free Captain America pop up frisbee with their copy. Perfect for those dull moments in the office!

This afternoon Nick is going to interview ER ’s last-Doctor-standing and the star of Steven Spielberg’s new alien invasion series Falling Skies , Noah Wyle. Funnily enough the ladies seem much more excited about this than he is. Can’t think why. Rob meanwhile spent Friday on set of BBC Three’s new supernatural drama series The Fades – read all about it in a few issues time.

Rich got back to work after a couple of very pleasant days in the Lake District earlier this week. He’s been busy compiling the letters pages, and went on a man-date with Jordan to see Green Lantern . Disappointingly average (the movie, not Jordan, who was a wonderful movie companion). Speaking of Jordan regular readers won’t be surprised to learn that he’s been spending almost every spare minute since last week playing Ocarina Of Time 3DS . He reached the end of the Spirit Temple two days ago, which as anyone who’s played Ocarina knows is the game’s home stretch. He loves it so much, in a futile effort to make the game last forever he’s decided to complete every side quest and mini game (including finding all 100 Gold Skulltulas) before burning Ganon’s castle to the ground. It’s become a daily ritual for Jordan and Comic Heroes editor Jes (who wrote a legendary review of Ocarina for N64 Magazine back in the day) to gush about how amazing it is and think of ways to convince Nintendo to give Majora’s Mask the same treatment. In other words if you haven’t bought it yet, what are you waiting for?

Dave G is still on holiday and popped into the office to tell us about his new kite, while Dave B has spent most of the day preparing for a big cover planning meeting with Group Publisher Claire who is in town today. Dave’s also setting up plans for Comic-Con - we have an SFX panel at 6.30pm on Thursday 21 July in room 4 of the San Diego convention centre. Come and see Dave B, Rich, Tara Bennett, Joe McCabe and Bonnie Burton chat about how to get into the sci-fi business. Or don’t. Choice is a human right you know.

Russell's been juggling watching The Twilight Zone season three, working on three different magazines, writing long personal email replies to various SFX readers and drinking gin. He also went to the gym four days in a row this week. We think he should take a deep breath and r-e-l-a-x...


Random Quote Of The Week : “If Joffre was here right now I’d punch the little weasel-faced git’s face in.”

Whose Shoes? (Last week’s answer: they were Russell’s swim shorts. Still can’t believe we took a picture of those)

Jordan Farley
Deputy Editor, Total Film

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