Filliongate, set visits and excitement about the imminent arrival of issue 202 have been keeping the team busy

The web’s a funny place. Sometimes you can slave away for hours/days on a feature and barely get noticed, and other times you can spend 15 minutes writing up a tiny brain bubble in internet ink and have tens of thousands of people flooding to your site. It helps if Nathan Fillion tweets a link to your story of course, which is exactly what happened this Monday, the Double Rainbow Firefly star pointing his 648,812 followers towards Tweets Of The Week where we backed his call to star as Nathan Drake in the upcoming Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune adaptation. The site may have temporarily crashed but web supremo Dave Golder couldn’t have been happier. Thanks Captain Mal!

It’s been a bit of a waiting game for most of the team this week as issue 202 seems to have got lost in the post somewhere on its way to SFX Towers, so we’ve been taking our minds off new issue Christmas by checking out the first two episodes of The Walking Dead (which is the cover feature of issue 201 , still on sale for another week if you haven’t snapped it up yet). Art bods Catherine and Jon, both give the zombie serial two severed thumbs up, but we’re a smidge disappointed the opening credits aren’t half as good as these fantastic fan made titles .

Ian is still recovering from the stress of trying out an experimental live Twitter Couch Potato on Sunday – it was a bit of a nightmare, since we managed to lock ourselves out of Twitter by posting too much! There’s definitely the germ of a good idea there, though, so we’re planning to try it again in the future, in a slightly different format (and probably with a dedicated Twitter account, so we don’t spam up anyone’s timeline). Right now, he’s looking forward to a four-day weekend – most of it will be spent working on the next SFX special (we never sleep, you know!), but he is going to a Crystal Castles gig on Sunday. And yes, he did mention that just to try and look cool.

What with spending most of the day on Monday in London to interview Nick Frost and check out a preview of Paul , and all day yesterday on the set of upcoming Douglas Adams adaptation Dirk Gently , Jordan’s rosy cheeks have been a rare sight round the office this week. He quickly regretted wearing jeans and a pair of trainers to the interview at the poshest hotel in London, however, after having the front door opened for him by a dapper fellow in a top hat and tails. Having finally finished his epic Buffy re-watch he’s started on season two of Twin Peaks , which he’s never seen before despite having watched season one half a dozen times. Jordan and Dave G have also been masterminding their plan for this year’s London Expo, where they’ll be manning the SFX stall and running a special version of Blastermind. Pop along and say hello if you’re there.

Rich is getting all nostalgic for a time when he thought The Phantom Menace would be the future of cinema, looking forward to watching Predators on Blu-ray this evening and wondering if he can find any more jobs to do before he gets on with some transcription... (Also, film recommendation – it’s not sci-fi, but The Social Network is ace). Nick meanwhile is off to BICS tomorrow and is frantically printing off maps as his sense of direction is about as proficient as a water-soluble dinghy.

We were also happy to welcome Ade back to SFX towers this week after his recent prang. He’s fighting fit and ready for anything (well, nearly everything) and still smiling from last week’s Doctor Who Live in London, which arrived at just the right time to cheer him up. Ade also wants to say thank you for the get well gifts and messages he received from you all. Three cheers for you lot!


Random Quote Of The Week: “Has anyone sucked your plunger?”

In The Real World… The Chilean miners rescue was life-affirming and all but we can’t help but wonder the news coverage looked more like this .

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