Friday Link-A-Mania

Sam Raimi on Spider-Man 4
Sam Raimi hasn’t ruled out directing the fourth Spidey flick, according to a report on Sci Fi Wire . "Right now James Vanderbilt is writing the script, and he's working on it, and I'm excited to read it," says Raimi. "I think it's going to be done in a few months. I'm hoping it's as great as our discussions were about it and hoping it feels right for me, because I love Spider-Man, and I'm hoping I'm well-enough rested to, like, really embrace it and hoping that Sony wants me at that time to direct it. So if all those things come together, I would love, love to do it. But this is a lot of unknowns about the future."

He goes on to say that he wouldn’t be keen on having to recast any of the lead roles, and that – despite earlier reports – he really hasn’t put any thought into resurrecting the Evil Dead franchise, though, “we still think it's worth trying, and ... I've not done a single thing about it."

Revenge of the Transformers
Dreamworks has confirmed that Transformers 2 will be subtitled Revenge of the Fallen, according to Coming Soon .

Persian Knight
Naughty old Variety . It’s carrying a report that Sir Ben Kingsley (doff of the cap to you, Sir) will play the villain in the upcoming Prince of Persia movie, Sands of Time – an adaptation of the video game. Sir Ben portrays Nizam, who plots to kill his brother King Shahrman and blame it on Prince Dastan so he can take the throne. But Variety forgets to call Sir Ben "Sir". He won’t talk to you ever again, you know. Jake Gyllenhaal plays the prince, and the film also stars Bond girl Gemma Arterton and Alfred Molina. It’s currently filming in the UK.

Dune Know What It Is Yet?
The next big screen adaptation of Dune is about to sign a scriptwriter, according to The Hollywood Reporter . He’s Josh Zetumer, who also has two other scripts in development at the moment – Villain and The Infiltrator. Peter Berg is currently on board as director, but if previous efforts to bring Dune to the big screen are anything to go by, the project could go through at least a dozen more directors before it reaches fruition.

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