Fortnite The Flash cosmetics get an early reveal thanks to leakers

Fortnite The Flash
(Image credit: Epic Games/WB)

Fortnite The Flash items aren't available in the item shop yet, but you can already get a good look at them now thanks to some early leaks.

A new video from Fortnite leaker Hypex shows what all four of the cosmetics in The Flash Bundle look like in-game (it also includes a Flash-themed loading screen). First up is The Flash himself sporting his Speed Force back bling, which is the familiar circled-lightning icon that floats just off of his back and crackles with electricity.

Then we see the Speed Force Slashers, a pair of harvesting tools which also bear a lightning design and some crackling electricity. Last up is the Quick Bite emote, which sends your character dashing off to grab a series of snacks (ending with tossing an empty drink cup on the ground, what a litterbug) at hyper speed. Hypex notes that Quick Bite isn't a built-in emote, so you'll be able to use it with any skin; watching Fishstick break the sound barrier in pursuit of cheeseburgers and soda may be worth the cost of the emote all by itself.

The Fortnite Flash skin and Speed Force back bling were given to winners of The Flash Cup on Wednesday. Everybody else will have to wait to pick them up from the item shop starting on Saturday at 4 pm PST / 7 pm EST / Sunday at midnight GMT.

In other crossover news, it looks like Tron characters are headed to Fortnite next.

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