Fortnite Tron crossover characters are on the way

Tron: Legacy
(Image credit: Disney)

A Fortnite Tron crossover is on the way, marking the next chapter in a Fortnite season filled with cross-franchise collaborations.

The latest teaser from the Fortnite Twitter account is an audio recording of Agent Jonesy booting up an old computer to find his next target, ending with the sound of him being digitized and uploaded into the system just like Kevin Flynn - the closed captions even explicitly describe it as "sound of getting scanned into computer," if there was any doubt.

The Tweet text is coded MCP-82, a reference to the villainous Master Control Program from the first movie and the year it came out, and it says the targets "fight for the users." That's the motto of Tron - the helpful program portrayed by Bruce Boxleitner, not the movie itself - so it's a pretty safe bet that we'll be able to play as the disc-flinging hero. The Tweet also mentions targets plural, so there's a good chance we'll see more digitized characters such as Clu and Quorra.

ResetEra user Chrno previously spotted the sight of Tron City looming within the portal, and also pointed out the fact Daft Punk finally put out the complete score for Tron: Legacy in December. Here's hoping that the new Fortnite Tron skins are accompanied by a live Daft Punk performance in-game.

Other Fortnite crossovers from this season include Snake Eyes from GI Joe, the Predator from Predator, and DC's The Flash. It could go pretty much anywhere next.

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