Fortnite GI Joe Snake Eyes character crossover teased by Epic Games

Snake Eyes from the GI Joe live-action movies
(Image credit: Hasbro/Paramount)

It sounds like Fortnite is teaming up with GI Joe for its next crossover character, bringing ninja commando Snake Eyes to the battle royale.

Like the teasers for previous crossover characters such as the Terminator and the Predator, the new video from Epic Games doesn't come right out and name the character. But if you ever watched the GI Joe cartoon, you'll have no doubt in your mind who Agent Jonesy is talking about by the time he says "knowing is half the battle."

Here's what Jonesy has to say about this latest crossover: "Reality log 10155. Sorry, hearing's a little shot because it is just non-stop laser guns and explosions here. So, this target's gonna be perfect. Him and his buddies are all the real deal, and they have the best codenames! Whoever's unlucky enough to be in his crosshairs, well, they'll never hear him coming - but if they could, then they would know he means business. And knowing is half the battle."

Laser guns, explosions, codenames, and a reference to that iconic public service announcement tagline? Yep, this is definitely GI Joe. The text of the tweet describes the new character as a Ninja Master, which could also apply to Snake Eyes' nemesis Storm Shadow. Ideally we'll get both of them at once like an action figure two-pack, so we can stage the ultimate GI Joe vs. Cobra final battle (before The Mandalorian snipes both of them from across the map). 

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