Fortnite adds Terminator and Sarah Connor skins

Update: The Fortnite Terminator Skins are official, and you can get them right now.

Just hours after the skins leaked, Epic released the above trailer with a full reveal. If you're a fan of the movies, do check out the trailer for a Fortnitized version of one of the most iconic Terminator scenes.

Fortnite Terminator skins are on the way according to a leak on the PlayStation Store. Both skins are impressively faithful to the source material, and the T-800 might just be the most intimidating Fortnite skin yet.

The T-800 skin is available for 1,500 V-bucks and includes the built-in Cyberdyne Salute emote, which looks painful. The HK Sky Net uplink back bling and techno-grip axe are optional add-on cosmetics. Meanwhile, the Sarah Connor skin costs 1,800 V-bucks and has two distinct styles, and you can equip her with the T-800 endoskeleton arm back bling and/or the combat knife for extra. If you like everything on offer, you can grab the Future War package, which includes the extra cosmetics, for 2,800 V-bucks, which seems like a fair deal.

Original story:

As Fortnite sleuth ento showed on Twitter, Fortnite Terminator skins for Sarah Connor and the iconic T-800 recently appeared under the free-to-play section of the PlayStation Store. We haven't been able to find the skin listing for ourselves (it seems to have been replaced by a Fortnite Crew listing), but several other players have, like Twitter user Mrfox895

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This leak is consistent with two recent Fortnite teasers – one datamined and one posted by Epic itself. Earlier today, the Fortnite Twitter account posted a short audio log with a telling caption: "Target description: A ruthless machine and a protector of the future." That's a spot-on description of the Terminator, and it lines up with the Terminator-themed character portal that Fortnite dataminers uncovered in a recent update. 

Fortnite crossovers generally focus on the source material's most iconic characters, and you can't get any more recognizable than Sarah Connor and the T-800. It would've been interesting to see a half-robot, half-Arnold variation of the definitive Terminator, but you can't go wrong with the mech itself (and, you know, this doesn't require Arnold's likeness). 

We don't know when these Fortnite Terminator skins will arrive, but based on the usual timeline between teasers, datamines, and announcements, it shouldn't be too far out. In the meantime, the Fortnite Predator skin just went live for Battle Pass owners. Evidently, Epic is on an '80s action kick. 

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