Fortnite target dummies locations - where to destroy target dummies with IO weapons

Fortnite target dummies locations
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Fortnite target dummies can help improve your aim, especially when you destroy them with IO weapons, like pulse rifles and rail guns. In fact, you'll utterly obliterate them when you turn weapons of the Imagined Order against these somewhat flimsy enemies, but of course you need to know where to find them in Fortnite before you can do that. We've been on a recce to scope out where you need to head in advance, so there's no searching required on your part to find the Fortnite target dummies locations for this quest.

Fortnite target dummies locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

We've picked out six Fortnite target dummies locations around the map, which are as follows:

  1. On the west side of Slurpy Swamp, next to a metal walkway
  2. On the south side of Slurpy Swamp, directly south of where the factory stood
  3. On the north side of Weeping Woods, by a tree next to the north lodge
  4. On the east side of Weeping Woods, just south of the group of trailers
  5. In the southwest corner of Risky Reels, found to the west of Corny Complex
  6. On the north side of Risky Reels, by a fence under a large tree

You'll be able to identify the Fortnite target dummies by the multicolored circles drawn at the center of their chests, on what looks to be the orange outline of an alien creature, and they'll glow blue when active. There are two targets at each location marked above, and there are a pair of them at Slurpy Swamp, Weeping Woods, and Risky Reels, so if you visit both and take the Fortnite target dummies out with IO weapons then you'll have achieved your goal.

Note that the four Fortnite target dummies in the shooting range at the Corny Complex base do not count towards this task despite having the same appearance, though that is handy as you'd also have to deal with Doctor Slone and a whole load of guards there. The large collection of targets found around the Camp Cod island in the southeast corner of the map also do not count towards this quest, as they have a different appearance and have existed as part of the scenery for a long time.

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