Looks like the Fortnite respawn mechanic is tied to these "Second Chance" machines

Update: The Fortnite respawn rumors are looking even more convincing now that a datamine has revealed more in-game assets and a "Second Chance" name. Fortnite leak hunter FortTory spotted the new files, including a set of sound effects seemingly related to the mysterious new trucks.

Original story: It's been rumoured for a while there'd be a Fortnite respawn mechanic coming soon, and it looks like it's almost here in the form of what appear to be Fortnite respawn trucks. Fortnite Season 8 launched this morning and players quickly latched on to a bug that only appears in replay mode, showing trucks with a player hologram on top and a bright red button on the rear.

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In the recent Fortnite AMA on Reddit, one of the producers on Fortnite  responded to a question about a potential respawn mechanic coming to the game: "We’ve been considering this mechanic for a while and have been exploring it. Want to make sure we give it the time it needs and fully understand its impact on the game as a whole. Look for further updates during Season 8."

Of course, this line of questioning came because Apex Legends - now Fortnite's main competitor - launched at the start of the month and was the first battle royale game to introduce such a mechanic. It seems like Epic are way beyond simply "considering" the mechanic though, because the Fortnite respawn trucks have been found in-game via replay mode.

They're not there in normal games so it's impossible to actually interact with them, but they show up whenever you explore the main Fortnite island in replay mode. There's 20 of them altogether, one for each named location on the Fortnite map and if it's the same as Apex Legends, you'll be able to pick up your fallen comrades and bring them back to life at one of these respawn trucks.

Where are the Fortnite respawn truck locations?

After exploring the entire Fortnite map in replay mode, we've discovered there's 20 altogether, one for every named place of interest on the map. Here's a complete map of all the respawn trucks, ready for when they get added to Fortnite properly:

There's no confirmation on when these trucks will be added to the game properly, nor do we know why they're showing up in replay mode. In fact, there's a slim chance we could be missing the mark completely and these trucks are related to something else entirely but we're pretty sure we've got it right.

Check out our video explaining the biggest changes that have come with season 8: