Fortnite LeBron James skins feature a floating crown, Space Jam, and tacos

Fortnite LeBron James
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite LeBron James skins are going live this week, and you'll have your choice of two main outfits with their own variations: one for your day-to-day LeBron-ing around the island, and one for when you need to go full King James.

Epic Games revealed the new outfits and matching accessories in a post to Fortnite's official blog: there's Tune Squad LeBron, which features his team uniform from Space Jam: A New Legacy, and then there's the minimally named LeBron James outfit - which is anything but minimally styled. It includes a suit coat accented with metallic ornaments and a levitating crown, and an edit slider allows you to control just how gold you want the outfit to look. Tune Squad LeBron also sports a casual Taco Tuesday variation if you want to look a little more approachable (however you may personally feel about the Lakers, it's tough to not get excited for tacos).

Did I mention that the LeBron skin has him wearing a jacket over a hoodie over a dress shirt and tie? It is truly something else. That's the part my eye keeps getting drawn to, not the golden lion pauldrons with glowing eyes, which is saying something. 

In any case, Fortnite will also be the first place to find James' upcoming Nike LeBron 19 shoes, with each outfit variation sporting its own colorway. That's Fortnite, Space Jam: A New Legacy, Nike, and LeBron James himself all tied up in one dizzying cross-franchise collaboration that probably kept several firms worth of corporate attorneys fully booked for at least a fiscal quarter.

The skins will drop into the item shop starting on Wednesday, July 14, and you can pick up all three and their matching back blings in the King James Bundle. The LeBron James Gear Bundle completes the look with the Lion Pickaxe, Wingspan Glider, and The Silencer emote.

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