Where to find Groovy Grove in Fortnite

Fortnite Groovy Grove
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Fortnite Groovy Grove now has a couple of different reasons to pay it a visit, and because this is a fresh landmark for the current season which doesn't appear on the map, you'll want some pointers for where you need to go to find it. You'll also need to visit Reality Falls and Rave Cave if you're completing the entry in the Week Zero Fortnite quests, but as those are clearly shown as named locations they aren't so difficult to track down.

You don't have to go to all of them in the same match as this assignment is cumulative, but if you're looking to visit Groovy Grove, Reality Falls, and Rave Cave in Fortnite then we've got the details on each of them. Separately, this location features again in Week 12 as you need to land at Groovy Grove or Fungi Farm and travel to The Glow in Fortnite in a single match, so once you lock in the Fortnite Groovy Grove location you'll be on your way for several quests.

Fortnite Groovy Grove location

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Fortnite Groovy Grove is a newly created landmark, which has been added to the west side of the island as part of the revamped area full of mushrooms and purple trees. We've shown the location of Groovy Grove on the Fortnite map above, as well as highlighting Reality Falls and Rave Cave – because the latter two are named POIs on the map screen, they are much easier to find.

How to visit Groovy Grove in Fortnite

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To visit Groovy Grove in Fortnite, head to the west side of the island and look for the clearing with the biggest gathering of blue mushrooms within the forest of purple trees. The is northwest from Greasy Grove, or just to the west of the Reality Tree landmark within Reality Falls, and once you arrive in Fortnite Groovy Grove a notification with the landmark name will appear on screen. Look around while you're there as you'll find plenty of chests at the bases of the mushrooms, plus several more on top.

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Once you've been to Fortnite Groove Grove, visiting Reality Falls and Rave Cave will be much easier as these locations are already marked on the map for you. Reality Falls is to the north side of new purple forest, and if you aim for the giant glowing Reality Tree there you'll end up in the right place. While you're there, you can also grab some Fortnite Reality Seeds to grow your sapling.

Lastly, Rave Cave is in the mountains to the northwest of the island, within the hollowed out base that used to be Command Cavern. Although going on top of it should count, you'll want to head inside to properly check out this wild new party zone. As well as plenty of loot, you'll also find the returning Fortnite Ballers in this area, travelling around on the extensive set of rollercoaster rails looping around the location.

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