Fortnite Caretaker Footprints - where to study tracks for Ariana Grande

fortnite caretakers footprints
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You need to study the Caretaker's Footprints in Fortnite twice for one of the Ariana Grande quests. These Fortnite Caretaker Footprints are found in ten different locations, so you've got plenty of options depending on where you land and what direction the circle takes you in. Because they're basically ground level objects these tracks can be tricky to locate, as even a low wall can hide them depending on your angle. So to help you find and study the Caretaker's Footprints in Fortnite we've got all the locations marked and explained here. 

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Fornite Caretaker Footprint locations

fortnite caretakers footprints

(Image credit: Epic)

There are 10 sets of Caretaker's Footprints in Fortnite scattered around various named locations. Each appears as a set of four purple glowing clawed footprints that looks like this: 

fortnite caretakers footprints

(Image credit: Epic)

As we mentioned, because these tracks are on the floor they can be easy to miss, hidden by even the smallest of obstacles. So we've added a little extra info below to help you locate them once you arrive, depending on where you drop.

  1. Believer Beach - On the main street, just by the car part with the respawn van. 
  2. Holly Hedges - Between the blue house and the hedge on the western side.
  3. Boney Burbs - In the middle of the main street. 
  4. Pleasant Park - By the northern end of the football pitch.
  5. Craggy Cliffs  - On the path overlooking the road in. 
  6. Corny Crops - Just north of the big barn, by a hole. 
  7. Dirty Docks - On the path to the beach north of the main location. 
  8. Retail Row - On the northern side, behind Noms. 
  9. Carry Corner - Just at the entrance in to the junk yard. 
  10. Lazy Lake - By the boundary wall to the north east. 
  11. Misty Meadows - right by the river mouth.

Once you've located a set just approach them until the prompt appears, and then hit Square to study them. Do that twice and you'll tick this quest off.

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