Will there be a Fortnite Season 9? Here's everything we know about what's happening next

Fortnite Season 9 Chapter 2
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When does Fortnite Season 9 start is a question we've been considering for the last couple of months, as that would be the logical next step for progression based on what we've seen previously from the game. However, Epic have now subverted our expectations by announcing a finale event for Chapter 2 is imminent, and Fortnite Chapter 3 is actually going to be our next stop in the battle royale. We've witnessed the Cubes gathering at the center of the island during the season in progress and recently forming themselves into a pyramid structure with the Fortnite Cube Queen ominously hovering above it all, and although she has so far been a passive observer in proceedings a final battle with her is incoming, skipping us over Fortnite Season 9 entirely and straight into Chapter 3 for a fresh start.

Why is there no Fortnite Season 9?

Fortnite Chapter 3

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Of course, we've been expecting Fortnite Season 9 to follow the one in progress for some time now, so what exactly is different this time around to change things? The main issue here is the increasing length of seasons, as back in Chapter 1 they almost always lasted for 10 weeks, yet in Chapter 2 they regular ran for much longer. Chapter 1 had ten seasons in total and ran from October 2017 to October 2019, whereas Chapter 2 has been going from October 2019 to the present – that's over two years already yet has only included eight seasons.

It therefore makes sense for Epic to skip over Fortnite Season 9 and 10 this time around and head straight into the next chapter, as otherwise Chapter 2 would have continued to run well into 2022 and would run the risk of becoming stale. There's only so many changes that can be introduced with the current set up, so bringing in an entirely fresh slate for a new chapter provides much more scope to switch the game up, and it won't be long until we find out exactly what changes are going to be made in the battle royale.

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