FIFA 20 FUT Player Days guide: how to get free packs and upgrades of Tevez and Davinson Sanchez

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It’s time for the biggest FUT event ever. Literally. FIFA 20 FUT Player Days is set to add hundreds of new cards to FIFA 20, including some of South America’s finest such as Carlos Tevez and Davinson Sanchez. Not only that, but FUT Player Days is a celebration of all things Ultimate Team and that includes you, the player. 

There are several promos and free gifts being dished out throughout the week, which means this is a promo you absolutely don’t want to miss out on. Read on for a guide on how to get all the latest and best FIFA 20 FUT Player Days players, new Squad Building Challenges, Tiered Objectives, and even how you can get your hands on a card-heavy Ultimate Pack – for free!

What is FIFA 20 FUT Player Days and what players can I get?

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EA’ s annual celebration of its community, FIFA 20 FUT Player Days coincides with the release of over 800 new cards and players from the South American CONMEBOL federation, which is essentially the UEFA of South America. Expect several flash sales, heavily-upgraded items, special events and yes, a free pack.

The on-pitch highlight of the FIFA 20 FUT Player Days event is undoubtedly the CONMEBOL kick-off team. Featuring 30 of those who have made the name throughout the history of the Libertadores and Sudamericana competitions, they are black-and-gold cards heavily upgraded for a limited time only. 

The CONMEBOL kick-off team is only available in packs until Friday, March 13 at 1pm Eastern/5pm GMT (UK time). Scroll on down to the squad list for the full look at those, but you’ll probably need to save up some FIFA 20 coins to complete the set.

For example, One of the best players features so far, a 91-rated Antonio Valencia from Quito has 91 Pace, 91 Dribbling, 88 Defending, and 86 Passing. This monstrous card will likely set you back north of 250,000, with the potential to rise further when he leaves packs.

Additionally, you can also get an 88-rated Player Moments CB Davinson Sanchez celebrating his win in the 2016 Copa Libertadores, and an 89-rated ST Jo via Season Objectives.

Of course, there’s also the small matter of the hundreds of players from South American leagues such as the Brazilian, Ecuadorian, Chilean, and Argentinian leagues, all of which will be added over the course of the coming days and weeks. As of writing, they haven’t been fully revealed, but keep checking the Transfer Market in the hope they crop up very, very shortly.

Then, there’s the discounts and deals. EA is promising Buy One Get One Free Packs and Coin Discount Packs (50% off certain packs) for a limited-time only during the event.

Plus, if you’ve been playing FUT 20 throughout the year, this FIFA 20 FUT Players Day promo nets you a free pack upon login. Here’s what you’ll get, depending on how many days you’ve played since September.

  • 11-60 days: Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
  • 61-118 days: Prime Gold Players Pack
  • 119-155 days: Rare Mega Pack
  • 156+ days: Ultimate Pack

As an added bonus for players, FIFA 20 FUT Players Day will also include all 90 Prime FIFA 20 icons in Draft Mode from Tuesday, March 10 ‘til Thursday, March 12.

When does FIFA 20 FUT Player Days start and end?

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FIFA 20 FUT Player Days started on Friday, March 6 – but there is no clear end date, though we do know when certain events during the promo will finish.

The jewel in the crown, the upgraded CONMEBOL kick-off team is only in packs – replacing their base bronze, silver, and gold equivalents – until Friday, March 13.

The 88-rated Davinson Challenge Squad Building Challenge is around until Wednesday, March 11.

The 89-rated Jo Season Objectives card can be obtained all the way up until the end of FUT 20’s fifth season on Friday, March 13.

How much do FIFA 20 FUT Player Days players cost?

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The cost of FIFA 20 FUT Player Days players varies wildly. The base CONMEBOL players that will be added throughout the next few weeks will range from a few hundred coins to, potentially, around several thousand, depending on their overall ratings, usage in Squad Building Challenges, and other variables. However, they haven’t been released and aren’t available to buy on the Transfer Market.

The CONMEBOL kick-off players, though, range from 13,000 for the lowest-rated (84 CDM Diego Arias) all the way up to well past 250,000 for the likes of the 92 CAM Carlos Tevez. It’s worth noting that other household names, such as Emmanuel Adebayor, are relatively cheap. The Togo striker only costs around 33,000, which is beyond decent value for a striker with 99 Jumping, 99 Strength, and 99 Heading.

The 88-rated Player Moments Sanchez will cost around 150,000-300,000 (depending on how economical you are with your purchases) or a slice of pack luck. You need two 85-overall teams to complete the SBC, plus several Premier League players and one in-form TOTW player.

Mercifully, the Player Moments Jo won’t break the bank. As long as you have a handy surplus of Brazilian players who can get you goals easily on both Rivals and Squad Battles, you should be able to complete the Season Objectives without too much sweat. Check below for those four tasks.

How else can I get FIFA 20 FUT Player Days cards?

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You can get FIFA 20 FUT Player Days cards from packs, as usual, though be warned that the CONMEBOL kick-off cards are in packs only until Friday, March 13. After that, they’re gone forever.

The Transfer Market is likely to be swarming with CONMEBOL cards of all colours across the week, too, so be on the hunt for bargains.

Aside from, there is currently one live FIFA 20 FUT Player Days Squad Building Challenge: Davinson Sanchez. Here are the two squads you need to compile to net him before Wednesday, March 11:

  • Premier League - Requirements: Premier League Players (min. 1), Team Overall min. 85, Team Chemistry min. 80
  • 85-Rated Squad - Requirements: Team of the Week Players: Min. 1, Team Overall min. 85, Team Chemistry, min 75

Player Moments Jo has a ticking clock, too. Get him by Friday, March 13 by completing the following objectives:

  • Eye for a Pass: Assist a goal with a Through Ball in 2 separate Rivals matches.
  • Forward Thinking: Score and assist using Forwards in 2 Separate Squad Battles wins on min. Professional difficulty (or Rivals)
  • Deadeye Drive: Score a Low Driven goal in 4 separate Rivals wins.
  • Goal Getter: Score using Brazilian players in 8 Separate Rivals wins.

Is there a FIFA 20 FUT Player Days squad list?

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There is! Here is the CONMEBOL kick-off team:

  • Carlos Tevez (92, CAM) – Buenos Aires
  • Antonio Valencia (91, RB) – LDU Quito
  • Lisandro Lopez (91, ST) – Racing Club
  • Eduardo Salvio (91, RM) – Buenos Aires
  • Matias Rojas (90, CM) – Racing Club
  • Franco Armani (90, GK) – Nunez
  • Diego Polenta (89, CB) – Olimpia
  • Diego Buonanotte (89, CAM) – Universidad
  • Emmanuel Adebayor (88, ST) – Olimpia
  • Miguel Borja (88, ST) – Junior de Barranquilla
  • Nicolas de la Cruz (87, CAM) – Nunez
  • Freddy Hinestroza (87, LM) – Junior de Barranquilla
  • Eugenio Mena (87, LB) – Racing Club
  • Ignacio Scocco (87, ST) – Nunez
  • Neri Cardozo (87, CM) – Defensa y Justica
  • Jose Pedro Fuenzalida (87, RW) – Universidad Calotica
  • Yesus Cabrera – (86, CAM) – America de Cali
  • Edson Puch (86, LW) – Universidad Calotica
  • Oscar Opazo (86, RB) – CD Vinazur
  • Esteban Paredes (86, ST) – CD Vinazur
  • Pablo Mouche (86, LM) – CD Vinazur
  • Jonathan Urretaviscaya (85, RW) – Penarol
  • Danavis Banguero (85, LB) – Deportes Tolima
  • Marco Torsiglieri (84, CB) – Wilstermann
  • Edwin Velasco (84, LB) – America de Cali
  • Juan Nieto (84, CM) – Deportes Tolima
  • Diego Arias (84, CDM) – Independiente Medellin
  • Eder Fernandez (84, CB) – Binacional
  • Diego Osio (84, CB) – Caracaas FC
  • Ezequiel Busquets (84, RB) – Penarol

Plus, the Season Objectives card:

  • Jo (89, ST) – Nagoya Grampus

And, finally, the Squad Building Challenge card:

  • Davinson Sanchez (88, CB) – Tottenham Hotspur

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