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Exclusive OXM UK reveal teased as the rebirth of 'one of the best games ever' has been delayed

The most recent issue of Official Xbox Magazine UK teases a big reveal in the next issue, declaring, "You WILL buy this magazine." The page announces that the magazine will be exclusively revealing a new Xbox 360 title - but not just any Xbox 360 title, it's apparently the rebirth of "one of the best games ever made."

But wait - before you go camp out at the hippest UK newsstands, the magazine's publisher (er, our publisher) has announced that the company behind the game has decided to push its reveal back.

OXM editor Jon Hicks told CVG, "It's a real nuisance, not least since we've been trying to cover this game for months, but these things happen. The publisher was very apologetic but apparently the game just won't be ready in time." He added later that the reveal is "very unlikely to appear in the magazine for the foreseeable future."

We know it's not the rumored Halo remake. If we start taking guesses, and get it right, we'll probably get in trouble, so we'll just leave it up to you! What do you suppose it is? We actually don't know, but we did note that the background of the teaser appears to consist of blueprints.

Feb 15, 2011