Embrace PS5 1440p support with these Dell and Alienware gaming monitors

Alienware AW2721D gaming monitor
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Behold: PS5 1440p support is finally here, and you could embrace that immediately with these awesome gaming monitors from Dell and Alienware - and some at record low prices.

With global PS5 1440p updates rolling out today (September 7th), there's never been a better time to dive in and get a dedicated PS5 monitor, and Dell and Alienware have you covered with a batch of discounted quality screens that will complement your console beautifully. That's on top of being valuable additions as Xbox Series X monitors or in PC setups too.

We've picked out four for your potential consideration today, all within that sweet, sweet 1440p resolution. If you fancy teaming an immersion-enhancing curved screen with your PS5 (we can recommend this) then the Dell S3222DGM 32-inch monitor is down to $299.99 at Dell right now (was $529.99) which as far as we can tell is a lowest ever price. Also at a lowest ever price, but upping the ante a little, is the Alienware AW2721D which is down to $699.99 (from $1,109.99 - according to Dell; though it has maxed out at $829.99 at Amazon over the last six months).

If you can't stretch to that Alienware's pricetag, though, then you can turn back to Dell's own monitor range for some excellent price cuts. First, the perennially popular Dell S2121DGF is down to $299.99 (from $589.99) - this is in our best gaming monitor list, no less - and lastly the Dell G3223D RTS panel is down to $399.99. Dell lists this last panel's MSRP as $719.99, but others list it at $539.99 - either way, this is also a record low price and historic bargain.

Despite Dell using its own MSRPs to display price cuts, these are genuinely good discounts and we've cross-referenced these low prices against other retailers online to ensure we're giving you the best options.

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Dell S3222DGM | <a href="https://www.anrdoezrs.net/click-8150600-12578053?sid=hawk-custom-tracking&url=https://deals.dell.com/en-us/productdetail/f74g" data-link-merchant="dell.com"">$529.99 $299.99 at Dell
Save $230; lowest ever price - This wonderful curved screen gives you a great console-gaming size in it's 32-inch panel, but also offers a speedy 1440p resolution to match the new firmware update for PS5. This beauty is at a record low price and represents superb value.


Alienware AW2721D | <a href="https://www.anrdoezrs.net/click-8150600-12578053?sid=hawk-custom-tracking&url=https://deals.dell.com/en-us/productdetail/f74p" data-link-merchant="dell.com"" target="_blank">$1,109.99 $699.99 at Dell
Save $410; lowest ever price - Dell always likes to include very high MSRPs to highlight price drops, but this is still a bona fide lowest ever price which means getting a premium 27-inch gaming monitor with Alienware pedigree for unparalleled value.


Dell S2721DGF | <a href="https://www.anrdoezrs.net/click-8150600-12578053?sid=hawk-custom-tracking&url=https://deals.dell.com/en-us/productdetail/f74j" data-link-merchant="dell.com"">$589.99 $299.99 at Dell
Save $290 - This beautiful, splendid 27-inch 1440p monitor from Dell is one that's recommended across the internet as one of the best mid-range monitors for any use. As a PS5 monitor however, this is now perfect and easy to recommend once again following the 1440p firmware update to the PS5.

Dell G3223D RTS | $719.99 $399.99 at Dell
Save $320;lowest ever price

Dell G3223D RTS | <a href="https://www.anrdoezrs.net/click-8150600-12578053?sid=hawk-custom-tracking&url=https://deals.dell.com/en-us/productdetail/f74t" data-link-merchant="dell.com"">$719.99 $399.99 at Dell
Save $320;lowest ever price - Still looking for that larger monitor size for your PS5? Then this Dell screen is also heavily discounted.  It's also got USB-C connectivity so offers another option, while also coming in at a record low price.

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