DVDs on sale Monday 19 March

Casino Royale (£22.99): Daniel Craig’s debut. Craig’s great, but we kinda miss the space lasers... (also out on Blu-ray, £24.99)
Casino Royale/Never Say Never Again (£8.99): A double-pack of the two unofficial Bond movies – the messy 1967 spoof starring David Niven, and Connery’s 1983 comeback (basically a remake of Thunderball).
Hollywoodland (£19.99): The true-life tale of the suspicious death of actor George Reeves, who played Superman on telly in the ‘50s (also available on Blu-ray, £26.99).
Idiocracy (£15.99): SF comedy from King of the Hill creator Mike Judge, about a bloke who wakes from hibernation in a dumbed-down future.
I, Robot/Alien Nation (£8.99): A double-pack of the Will Smith film that doesn’t have much to do with Asimov, and the 1988 SF cop drama that inspired a TV spin-off.
Mio in the Land of Faraway (£12.99): 1987 fantasy adventure starring a young Christopher Bale.
Primeval, season one (£19.99): All six episodes of ITV’s Jurassic Park-meets-Stargate show. Blimey, they’re not hanging about releasing this, are they?
The Thing From Another World (£15.99): Classic 1951 base-under-siege SF, with a commentary by John Carpenter (who remade the film as The Thing).
Ultimate Avengers 2 (£15.99): Animated adventures of the Marvel superhero team.