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Cyber Monday AirPods deals: what to expect in 2021

Cyber Monday AirPods deals
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If you miss out on the major sales of the weekend before, Cyber Monday AirPods deals can still offer up some excellent price drops on Apple's luxury buds. These headphones often fly off the shelves over the weekend, but there is usually a strong enough stock reserved for Cyber Monday. If you do miss out on earlier discounts, then, you'll be glad to know you've got another shot. 

Apple is still slated to launch the new AirPods 3 before the end of the year, potentially before Cyber Monday AirPods deals. That means the quality of this year's offers depend on whether the second or third generation will be positioned as the entry level model over the shopping weekend. 

If the new release hits before the annual sale, the older buds will likely drop to some incredibly low prices and fly off the shelves before the official discounts have even begun. That would mean smaller savings on the new version in official Cyber Monday AirPods deals, and no second generation stock available. However, if we have to wait a little longer for the AirPods 3 then we'll likely see some record breaking discounts on the previous model. 

We’re also still looking forward to some record low prices on the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. The more premium options aren’t set for a refresh this year, and so we should see prices falling even further in 2021’s holiday sales. 

We’ll be bringing you all the latest updates on this year’s Cyber Monday AirPods deals right here, but bookmark this page because we’ll be keeping it stacked with all the best offers as soon as they land. We're also tracking all the best Black Friday AirPods deals if you're getting ready for the main event.

When will Cyber Monday AirPods deals begin?

Cyber Monday officially kicks off on Monday November 29 this year, but we do generally see retailers bringing their discounts over from the Friday. If we are to see any discounts on the new releases, they will likely be limited to Friday’s offers however, discounts on the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max should stick around to Cyber Monday.  

We would recommend keeping up to date with Apple's announcements, though. The AirPods 3 are expected to land before Cyber Monday kicks off, which means we could see strong discounts on the second generation before the November sale. You'll have to be quick here, though, as they will likely sell out particularly quickly. 

Where to find the best Cyber Monday AirPods deals

We'll be tracking all the best Cyber Monday AirPods deals right here when the time comes, but if you're going it alone we'd recommend checking out these retailers in November. 

often has the best prices during sales events
B&H Photo:
best for stock of older releases
limited time discounts can offer brand new record lows
often the first to offer record low prices but fewer sales
price matches with Amazon

regularly offers the lowest prices around
fewer sales but same day delivery available
best for free subscriptions in bundles
Laptops Direct:
often beats record low prices but with £5 shipping
price matches Amazon

Cyber Monday AirPods deals: what we expect to see

Black Friday AirPods deals

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If Apple doesn’t launch the AirPods 3 in time for November’s sale we’re expecting to see some super low prices on the second generation model. These buds first launched way back in 2019, and with nearly three years under their belts by the time November rolls around they will be well worn on the shelves. That’s a recipe for some incredible Cyber Monday AirPods deals, potentially dropping even lower than the $99 record low we saw very briefly last year (and a few times in 2021). 

We've already seen prices drop to $109 and $129 for the standard and wireless charging models respectively in recent weeks. That bodes particularly well for some upcoming record low prices, it's just a case of timing when these discounts will arrive. 

Cyber Monday AirPods Pro deals: what to expect

Apple AirPods Pro

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It’s a little easier to predict AirPods Pro offers. We’re not expecting a refresh of this model in 2021, which means the ANC earbuds will likely be the star of the show this year (especially if the second generation is wiped out by November). The lowest price we’ve ever seen here is $169.99 / £175 - and we’ve been seeing such discounts fairly regularly over the last few weeks. That means there are already some excellent offers out there, but Cyber Monday AirPods deals could bring those prices down to $159 / £159 if we’re really lucky. 

Cyber Monday AirPods Max deals: what to expect

AirPods Max

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The AirPods Max represent Apple’s most premium headphones. Originally launching in December at $549, we’ve seen the luxury cups readily available at $499 throughout the year and, more recently, hitting $430 price lows. Usually you'll find these cups on sale for $489, which means we'll be looking for a price between $400 and $450 in November. 

Apple may want to keep this price for Black Friday, though. That means stock allocated for Cyber Monday AirPods deals might have run out by the time the weekend (or the Friday itself) is over. We would still expect to see a price lower than the usual $489 - $499 in this instance, but perhaps not at the rock bottom position that we might see on the Friday.

Will AirPods 3 arrive before Cyber Monday?

All eyes were on the September Apple event for a new generation of entry level AirPods. However, the AirPods 3 were nowhere to be found. That doesn't mean we don't expect to see more true wireless earbuds on the shelves before the year is out. 

A report from Digitimes claims that the AirPods 3 have entered mass production and earlier indications from Apple all paved the way for another round of announcements later in the year. The ongoing component shortages have meant that Apple is likely splitting its 2021 releases, leading with its iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch models in September and revealing new AirPods and MacBooks in the fall. 

That means the new buds will likely hit the shelves just before Cyber Monday AirPods deals take place, in which case they may not see too many discounts. If it's timed just right, there will be some stunning price drops on the previous generation.

How to find the best Cyber Monday AirPods deals

1. Don't wait for Monday

It's important to note that Cyber Monday AirPods deals might not officially kick off on Monday November 29 as expected. We usually see discounts continuing straight through from the Friday, which means you'll have the whole weekend to find more discounts. Our first tip for finding the best Cyber Monday AirPods deals, then, is don't wait for Monday if you miss out on the main Black Friday sale.

2. If you're after AirPods Max, keep an eye out for future discounts

We do see a handful of extra price drops on certain items during Cyber Monday. However, AirPods are some of the biggest offers during this sales period. The only area where we may see additional discounts is on the AirPods Max. With multiple different colorways, we could see some versions cheaper than others, with extra price drops coming late in the sale. If you're after AirPods Max, it's worth jumping on any record low prices you see, but keeping your items boxed up until the full period is over. 

3. Price check

Once you've found the perfect Cyber Monday AirPods deal for you, it's worth making sure that you really getting the best price possible. Check your discount against other retailers to make sure nobody is offering a lower price, but also take a look at the additional extras that some stores may be offering. When a retailer can't beat its competition on price it will often throw in additional subscriptions or accessories for free, which can make it a much better deal overall. 

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