Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals 2024: everything we're expecting this year

Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals
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Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals offer up your second chance at some of the year's biggest savings come the fall. While they may not be quite as lucrative as Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals the weekend before, we still regularly see plenty of games and accessories discounted in this second sale, as well as a range of console bundles still on the shelves. 

Of course, nobody should be skipping Black Friday waiting for Monday's second round to begin but considering we're seeing these annual discounts starting earlier each year (and lasting longer into December), it's worth getting prepped on the entire sales season ahead. We've been tracking Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals for years now (as well as covering all the biggest Nintendo Switch bundles year-round), which means we've learned a thing or two about these savings. 

You'll find all our tips and tricks for making the most of 2024's fall sales just below, as well as everything we expect to see. 

What to expect from Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals 2024

Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals may look a little different to their Black Friday counterparts. If you're on the hunt for a console, we would absolutely recommend getting in earlier than the weekend. After all, while some bundles do last until the second event, the best ones are usually stripped from the shelves before Thanksgiving is even over. These are highly competitive offers, so if you're truly looking for the best value possible you'll need to get in ahead of time. 

We do expect some bundles to be leftover once the madness dies down. Larger packages including multiple games and accessories are often the last to leave the shelves. Just make sure that you're not over-paying for anything included in the bundle. 

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This year, we also expect to see some more Nintendo Switch OLED bundles hitting those sale lines as well. The latest console has already seen some excellent price cuts over the course of last year, dropping as low as $330 / £289 (usually $349.99 / $309.99). While straight price cuts like this will likely be reserved for Friday, bundles between the prices of $349 - $369 / £299 - £329 may still be up for grabs. 

If you're looking to stock up on games and accessories there's some better news for you. We often see Friday's offers rolling through the weekend on these lower priced options. Cheaper or older games are a surefire bet - last year we saw $30 off the likes of Breath of the Wild, Paper Mario, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, all of which made it through to Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals. 


When will Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals start?

Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals will officially kick off on December 2 in 2023. However, we often see retailers keeping their Black Friday sale live over the weekend, and blending the two events by the time Sunday rolls around. 

Where are the best Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals?


Amazon: bundles often include memory cards and games
Best Buy: regular discounts on games and accessories
Newegg: great for cheap peripherals and third party controllers
Walmart: often has some of the lowest game prices around
Gamestop: bundles often available and plenty of merch discounts 


Amazon: record low £249 price available now
Argos: excellent for accessory bundles
Currys: regularly has the best bundle prices around
John Lewis: great warranty guarantees but fewer discounts
Very: best for higher value bundles with pricey peripherals

Does Nintendo have Cyber Monday deals?

Nintendo does run its own Cyber Monday deals across its website and via a variety of retail partners. These offers include the classic Mario Kart 8 Deluxe / Nintendo Switch Online bundle as well as plenty of discounts on digital downloads, extra accessories, and physical games.

Should you buy a Nintendo Switch on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

We wouldn't recommend waiting through Black Friday for Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals. The Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular items around in November, and any discounts or bundles will be snatched off the shelves exceedingly quickly. In fact, last year we even saw certain games and accessories running back up to full price before Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals had the chance to kick off. While we are expecting plenty of offers to roll through the weekend, this is a sale for anyone who missed out the first time round, rather than a new wave of discounts. 

Nintendo Switch bundles are usually among the first to go on the big day itself, though last year we did see the classic $299.99 Mario Kart 8 bundle sticking around well after even Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals had come to an end. We still wouldn't wait around, but if you do miss out on the main event we're a little more optimistic for a second chance in 2023.

Are Nintendo Switches discounted on Cyber Monday?

The Nintendo Switch itself is rarely discounted on Cyber Monday (though 2023 could well change that). Instead, the value we typically see comes from bundle offers. These can net you a free game or accessory within the standard price of the console - sometimes saving you up to $70. We've also seen retailers like Dell throwing in their down gift cards (sometimes up to a $75 value) with full-priced consoles during these annual sales as well. 

Last year's best Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals in the US

Nintendo Switch Lite | Animal Crossing: New Horizons | $259.98 $199 at Walmart
Save $60.98 -

Nintendo Switch Lite | Animal Crossing: New Horizons | $259.98 $199 at Walmart
Save $60.98 - You could grab the Switch Lite for its regular $199 MSRP with a completely free copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Considering that was still a $59.99 game and we rarely see deals like this on the cheaper model, that was a fantastic offer.


Nintendo Switch OLED (Super Smash Bros. edition) | Super Smash Bros. | 3 month Nintendo Switch Online membership | $349 at Walmart
Nntendo's official Switch OLED bundle made it through the weekend and into Cyber Monday last year. It's the best value bundle we've ever seen on the latest OLED console, packing a free copy of Smash Bros. Ultimate and a three month Nintendo Switch Online subscription.


Nintendo Switch | Mario Kart 8 Deluxe | 3 months Nintendo Switch Online | $366.98 $299 at Amazon
Save $67.98 - This is a Cyber Monday staple, but it first appeared all the way back in October. We were shocked then, but the fact that it was still available at the end of November was even more impressive.


Nintendo Switch OLED | $75 Dell Gift Card | $349.99 at Dell
You could grab a free $75 gift card with your Nintendo Switch OLED at Dell last year - a return to an offer we only ever see during holiday sales. Considering there are plenty of games and accessories to take advantage of at Dell's site there was plenty to be spending that free cash on. 


Super Mario Odyssey | $59.99 $30 at Walmart
Save $29.99 - This is easily one of the best games on Switch, so getting it for just one cent off its lowest-ever price wasn't an opportunity to miss.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild | $59.99 $30 at Walmart
Save $30 - You could save half the price of Breath of the Wild at Walmart last year. That $30 discount left us with a fantastic $30 sale price.


Hori Split Pad Pro | $49.99 $39.99 at Best Buy
Save $10 - The Hori Split Pad Pro remains one of our favorite Switch gadgets, and it took a rare price cut at Best Buy last year. Aside from a super speedy flash sale down to $30 in August this was the best price we've seen stick around. 

The best Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals in the UK


Nintendo Switch OLED | Mario Kart 8 Deluxe | 3 months Nintendo Switch Online | £299 at Very
Very had a phenomenal offer on a Nintendo Switch OLED on Cyber Monday. We hadn't seen this bundle on too many shelves, but for £299 you were getting the OLED device itself at a £10 discount and scoring a free copy of Mario Kart and three months of Switch Online. 


Nintendo Switch | Switch Sports | 3 months Nintendo Switch Online | £249.99 at Argos
This was the first time we've seen an official Switch Sports bundle, and Argos was offering the Black Friday package for £250 last Cyber Monday. That was £10 less than the same bundle at other retailers.


Super Mario Bros. Wonder | £49.99 £39.99 at Amazon
Save £10 - We were already seeing the newly released Super Mario Bros. Wonder at £39.95 rather than its usual £49.99 RRP at Amazon. That was excellent news for anyone looking to get involved in the next round of 2D platforming. 

Be sure to check out this year's Cyber Monday Xbox Series X deals and Cyber Monday PS5 deals if you're after more console action. We're also looking to all of this year's Cyber Monday iPad deals for more on-the-go gameplay as well. 

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