Cyber Monday iPad deals 2024: what to expect this year

Cyber Monday iPad deals
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Cyber Monday iPad deals will return to the shelves on December 2 2024, but with two new updates to the Air and Pro lines rumored we're not exactly sure which models we'll be looking at come the annual sales. Assuming these rumors are correct and we will indeed receive a new set of iPad Air and Pro devices this year, though, things could look a little different this year. 

That's because we wouldn't expect previous generation models to still be around in time for November's offers, which means no rock bottom pricing. Instead, we'll likely see similar discounts as we did on last year's lineup, but with more value under the hood overall. 

Elsewhere, we're expecting the 9th generation base model to continue with its budget offering, and we're hopeful for additional savings on the iPad Mini and 10th generation. Last year gave us $100 off these devices in the US, but we're holding out for more in 2024's Cyber Monday iPad deals. 

You'll find more information on everything you can expect from this year's sale just below - though it's worth noting that the majority of discounts will likely hit during earlier Black Friday iPad deals

What to expect from Cyber Monday iPad deals in 2024

Apple iPad Air 2022

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We've got six models to look at in this year's Cyber Monday iPad deals; the 9th generation iPad, new 10th generation iPad, a potentially new iPad Air, 2021's iPad Mini, and both 11- and 12.9-inch models of the new rumored iPad Pro. That's a lot of tablet to be watching out for. Each of these models holds its own use-case, but they're also at varying ages as well. That means every iPad deal is going to be different this year. 

Kicking off with the cheapest model, the 9th generation entry level iPad. This $329 dropped down to a then brand new record low $229 price point in last year's sales - a rate we hadn't even seen on the 8th generation before it. Because Apple is keeping this entry level device running alongside the 10th generation, those lower prices are to be expected, and will likely continue to run into 2024's Cyber Monday iPad deals. 

Meanwhile, that 2022 model comes in at $449 / £499, with a considerable design overhaul and a fancy processor at the helm. We saw $100 / £60 off that price in last year's discounts, which bodes particularly well for 2024's offers. 

We're not expecting big things from the new iPad Air or Pro models. It's likely these devices will hit at the same MSRPs as their previous generation counterparts, taking similar early discounts as well. That means the iPad Air will likely land at $599.99, discounting down to $549 in its first few months, with the Pros sitting at $899 / $1,099 and dropping to $799 / $999. 


When will Cyber Monday iPad deals begin?

Cyber Monday iPad deals typically kick off over the weekend following Black Friday, with this year's official date landing at December 2. It's well worth keeping a close eye on the discounts from Thanksgiving onwards, though, as this is when we typically see the best offers.

Where will you find the best Cyber Monday iPad deals in 2024?

We'll be rounding up the best Cyber Monday iPad deals right here, but if you're going it alone we'd recommend you start your search at these retailers. 

often one of the first to discount newer models
Best Buy: bundle deals with subscriptions sometimes available
B&H Photo: find cheap older devices and renewed tablets
Newegg: generally better for much older devices
Walmart: often matches Amazon's record low prices

Amazon: regularly has the best prices on the latest generation
Argos: same day delivery and regular bundle deals available
Currys: free subscriptions and software often included in bundles
Ebuyer: best for rare discounts on larger Pro models
John Lewis: often offers trade-in discounts and has the best warranties Laptops Direct: record low prices but with extra shipping charges
Very: stock often holds on longer with price matched deals

Will iPads be cheaper on Cyber Monday?

In general yes, iPads will be cheaper on Cyber Monday than they would be on any random day throughout the year. However, they do also see significant sales throughout the year as well. You may find iPads discounted across Prime Day and other larger events, like Memorial Day and Labor Day. However, Cyber Monday is a surefire bet for some discounts on the year's releases. 

Are iPads cheaper on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

iPads are generally cheaper on Black Friday than Cyber Monday. That's because of the many flash sales and extra value bundles that retailers use to compete in a more frenzied sale event. Stock also runs out on the most valuable discounts, which means we often see retailers raising prices slightly once Black Friday is over (and sometimes during the event itself). 

What time of the year is the cheapest to buy an iPad?

There's no definite cheapest time of year to buy an iPad. As mentioned above, different sales all have the potential to offer up a brand new record low price and we can see those discounts landing on random days as well. However, November's sales are the biggest around - so you've got plenty more choice with more retailers competing and better value bundle options thrown in as well. 

Last year's best Cyber Monday iPad deals in the US


iPad 9th generation (64GB) | $329 $249 at Walmart
Save $70 - Amazon had the best iPad deal over Black Friday with a $229 sale price on the 9th generation model but that ran out of stock pretty quick. Still, Walmart was your next best bet over the weekend with an impressive $249 offer. 


iPad 10th generation (64GB) | $449 $349 at Best Buy
Save $100 - With the previous record low set at $399 (where this device had been for the last few weeks), this was an astonishing offer. It's worth noting here that some of the colors of this model had already sold out.

iPad Mini (64GB) | $499 $399.99 at Amazon
Save $100 -

iPad Mini (64GB) | $499 $399.99 at Amazon
Save $100 - The iPad Mini was down at a record low price at Amazon, dropping from $499 to $399.99 on Cyber Monday. 


iPad Air (64GB) | $599.99 $499.99 at Amazon
Save $100 - You were grabbing a $100 discount on the 64GB iPad Air at Amazon. That brought the final price down to $499.99 - the steady going rate for this device when on sale.


11-Inch iPad Pro (256GB) | $899.00 $799.99 at Amazon
Save $100 - We'd never seen this model cheaper at Amazon, which made this $100 discount worth your time. 

Last year's best Cyber Monday iPad deals in the UK


iPad 9th generation | £369 £299 at John Lewis
Save £70 - John Lewis was leading the pack with this £299 sale price on the 9th generation iPad - and with this you were also getting a free two-year guarantee as well. Plus, new subscribers could get Apple TV+ for three months for free with this purchase.


iPad Mini | £569 £519.99 at Amazon
Save £50 - Unfortunately Apple bumped up its prices on the iPad Mini last year, which means there is sadly no way we are going to hit the previous record low again. However, this discount at Amazon was still decent and was the lowest we had seen in the past six months.

11-inch iPad Pro | £899 £838 at Very
Save £61 -

11-inch iPad Pro | £899 £838 at Very
Save £61 - There had only ever been one time we have seen this impressive iPad Pro cheaper than £838, making this quite the solid offer. 

We're also rounding up everything we expect to see from this year's Cyber Monday laptop deals as well as Cyber Monday gaming laptop deals for something a little more substantial. We'd also recommend keeping a close eye on Cyber Monday Meta Quest 2 deals to boot. 

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