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Conan gets barbaric


Conan , the Marcus Nispel-directed re-do of the much-loved comic series, has been a subject of debate since its inception.

The casting of Jason Momoa split devotees, with many branding him too skinny and inexperienced for the role (an interesting take considering that part was one of Arnie’s first).

Now, though, a new image revealing Momoa’s Conan in action has our spines tingling – and no doubt naysayers’ tails between their legs.

Why? It’s just what we wanted! No more posey, smizing into the camera rubbish – this is the Conan we’ve been hankering after. Bloody, powerful and mean as hell.

Click the image below for a larger version...

Conan opens next year.

Source: [ ConanMovieBlog ]

Liking the new image? Or still want this re-do destroyed?