Call of Duty: Warzone streamer allegedly cheats during a Twitch event and gets banned

Call of Duty: Warzone
(Image credit: Activision)

A Call of Duty: Warzone streamer has been banned from Twitch after allegedly using hacks during a live tournament event.

The Twitch Rivals event earlier this week invited challengers across Europe to compete in custom lobbies, and get into the running for major cash prizes. Unfortunately, as you can see in the video shared below by eSports streamer Jake Lucky, it also seems to have admitted some less-scrupulous participants.

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The first video shows the streamer's aim snapping to enemies heads and tracking them, even through obstacles, letting them tear through an opposing squad even as they largely stick to cover. The second, slowed down version of the video puts the perspective of the accused hacker and one of their targets side-by-side, showing how the attacker's aim stays perfectly locked in for headshots even as the target moves through parts of the environment which block vision,

One or two incidents like this could be down to somebody just knowing the game and their opponents very well, but all together it's tough to believe that this is evidence of anything but hacks - and particularly brazen hacks, considering it's all being streamed for an official Twitch competition.

The streamer was removed from the tournament and banned by Twitch, according to Charlie Intel, but it's a high-profile reminder that hacking is still a pressing issue at all levels of the Warzone community. Activision recently shut down a Warzone cheat that used machine learning to give players an advantage by analyzing their opponents in real-time. The company stated that it had banned more than 500,000 Warzone cheaters as of May.

Unfortunately, you don't always have to use hacks to get an unfair advantage in Warzone. Players recently discovered a way to turn themselves invisible by using the mysterious Red Doors, presenting the latest in a long line of invisibility and invincibility glitches which can be exploited to match-ruining effect.

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