Call of Duty: Warzone season 4 update seems to have reset console player settings

Call of Duty Warzone helicopter
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Call of Duty Warzone users jumping into Warzone Season 4 on PlayStation will have to redo their preferences following the latest update.

Call of Duty Warzone's latest update brings season 4 to life, but has caused a bit of a headache for those playing on consoles, as it has reset users' preferences in the settings menu. This means that players who have specifically chosen to adjust settings to suit their playstyle will have to go through and readjust them again. For content creators that hide their profile ID, for example, they'll need to reselect the option to hide it.

While the issue is being said to affect those on PS4 and PS5 specifically, there have been a couple of users claiming the same has happened on Xbox, although it's unclear if this is from the latest Call of Duty Warzone season 4 update or just generalizing previous updates.

The issue of having preferences reset occurred for console users in a previous update before season 4. For those that may need to change a number of settings to play comfortably, this is understandably frustrating, especially since Raven Software introduced an accessibility menu in May that offers settings for more inclusive play after asking for feedback the month before. And what about that player who can play Call of Duty Warzone with a piano? That must take some time setting up!

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Call of Duty Warzone has now officially entered season 4 with a content-filled roadmap planned and a brand-new Battle Pass. If you caught wind of the new Warzone Season 4 trailer, we had a closer look to see if there was anything you may have missed.

Some of the new changes coming to the game are a number of satellites that have crashed into the map. There are also motorbikes to ride around on while the Gulag has received an upgrade as well. Planning to jump into the new season today? Here are the latest Call of Duty Warzone patch notes so you know what to expect when you drop in on Verdansk.

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