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Call of Duty Warzone devs "considering several options" to give a better shot at Hunt for Adler event

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 The Call of Duty Warzone Hunt for Adler event is likely to get an extension after a set of glitches made it harder to complete than the developers intended.

The issues related to collecting Warzone Adler Intel were fixed in the latest Call of Duty Warzone patch notes, but developer Raven Software revealed on its official Twitter account that it's also considering pushing back the conclusion of the event to give players a better shot at collecting intel and finishing up their challenges. 

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Raven says it's "considering several options" to give players a better opportunity to complete everything and will provide an update on what it decides to do soon. Raven almost certainly has a lot of other plans scheduled beyond the end of the Hunt for Adler, so whatever it does won't be as simple as just pushing back the deadline for one event by a few days.

Raven mentioned a pair of fixes for the event in its latest update: one for a bug that prevented Challenge completion from tracking as it should, and another for a bug that could cause Intel to spawn outside of the playable map area. The mechanics of the event itself haven't been altered, though that could be one of the options that Raven pursues.

A Warzone player took dealing with another glitch - and those who would exploit it - into their own heroic hands.

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