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Warzone Spotter Scope: How the new item works and where to find one

Warzone Spotter Scope
(Image credit: Activision)

The Warzone Spotter Scope has been in Call of Duty Warzone for a little while now, as it was introduced mid-way through Season 4. It's a very unique item for the game though, especially since it doesn't feature in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare multiplayer. If you're curious about how the Warzone Spotter Scope works though, we've got the details you need.

Warzone Spotter Scope explained

Warzone Spotter Scope location

(Image credit: Activision)

As mentioned above — and as is deduced from the name — the Warzone Spotter Scope spots enemies from a distance. What this means is that, much like the Recon Drone, you can tag enemies for your teammates from a distance, and each tag will last for a few seconds. While the Recon Drone is easy to shoot down, the Spotter Scope is simply a pair of binoculars. Ergo, there's no noise and unless the enemy knows where you are, you won't be shot while using them.

Another benefit is that the Spotter Scope doesn't show a glint in the distance when you're aiming at someone. This is something that sniper players can easily trip up on because it gives away their exact location, but since the Spotter Scope can't actually damage anyone, it doesn't have this feature. You can track enemies from a distance while your teammates push and flank them.

The Spotter Scope is classed as "common" loot which means that you can find it pretty much wherever; inside crates, lying on the floor, or as a reward for completing contracts. It takes up your tactical slot though, so you can't run something like a Heartbeat Sensor alongside it.

One final benefit the Spotter Scope offers is the ability to quickly switch to a thermal view. With a sniper, you need to equip a specific thermal scope, but this allows you to easily pick out players amidst trees and buildings who might otherwise be camouflaged. Bear in mind that you cannot add this item to your loadout because it's only in Warzone and not in the base game. Therefore, you can't rely on getting one through a loadout drop.

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