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Call of Duty Warzone Gulag: How it works and tips for winning

Call of Duty Warzone Gulag
(Image credit: Activision)

The Call of Duty Warzone Gulag is a neat feature Infinity Ward has introduced to distance their brand new mode from other battle royale games. When you die in Call of Duty Warzone, you'll be thrown into a jail cell before being forced to fight in the Gulag. Why, I hear you ask? Put simply, this allows you to respawn and get back into the match. If you win your Gulag fight, you'll redeploy in the battle royale and can work on reviving your teammates if they didn't succeed like you. Here's everything you need to know about the Call of Duty Warzone Gulag, including tips for making it out alive.

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How the Call of Duty Warzone Gulag works

Call of Duty Warzone Gulag

(Image credit: Activision)

So you've been killed in battle royale. Sucks, right? Usually it would, but in Warzone, you have a second chance to enter the fray. You'll be thrown into the Gulag; initially as a spectator so you can fist fight other people watching from the rafters, but before long, you'll be pitted against another unlucky sod in a 1v1 match.

You'll both be given the same loadout and essentially, the winner gets to redeploy. It's a mini game of Gunfight; 15 seconds on the clock, one life, or capture the central flag when it appears. If you win, you'll be thrown into the map skydiving from the clouds at a random location within the safe zone. You don't get another shot at the Gulag though, so make sure you don't die again.

Call of Duty Warzone Gulag tips

Call of Duty Warzone Gulag

(Image credit: Activision)

We've fought in the Gulag a few times now, so here's some tips for succeeding:

Adapt your playstyle to the gun you've been given

Spawned with a shotgun? Don't sit back and try to pick them off. Got an assault rifle? Watch your corners and aim down the sights.

Use your grenades

Since it's a one-kill-game, lobbing a stun at someone then rushing them can often prove fruitful. Just make sure you actually have a stun, because hitting them in the face with a smoke grenade isn't going to help… much.

Capture the flag

It sounds obvious, but after the 15 seconds are up and the flag appears, you'll be surprised at how quickly you can capture it. It takes just a second or two so even if your foe sees you jump on to it, chances are you'll capture it before they can actually kill you because it's so quick.

Good luck, soldier!

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