Call of Duty Warzone contracts: how to earn cash and other rewards in game

Call of Duty Warzone contracts
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Warzone contracts are one part of the game that help to distance Call of Duty Warzone from other battle royale titles. These are essentially in-game challenges you can pick up on the fly to earn some loot and cash for your squad. Currently, there are four different Warzone contract types; Contraband, Scavenger, Recon, and Most Wanted. We've got the details on how all of them work right here, so you can complete Call of Duty Warzone contracts and spend more cash at the Buy Stations.

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Warzone Scavenger Contracts

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Scavenger Contracts have you combing the local area looking for boxes that must be opened to complete the challenge. These can be found by locating the small yellow magnifying glass, either on your mini-map or compass. This will denote a supply box in your vicinity that needs to be opened; you'll only have a small window of time to complete this objective, and your squad will need to open all three before the timer expires to be given the Cash reward. 

Warzone Recon Contracts

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Recon Contracts has your squad attempting to secure a specific location on the map. Enemy squads will be notified of the zone and you'll have the closing gas to worry about, so this is a high risk endeavor but the reward is significant enough that you'll be able to get pretty much anything from a Buy Station that might interest you. To complete the objective, your squad will have to effectively complete a small game of Domination – the progress bar is slow going, mind, so prepare for a long and drawn out battle. 

Warzone Most Wanted Contracts

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Replacing bounty contracts are the new most wanted contracts, which work in a similar fashion. Rather than having to hunt down a single player, you now need to take down a full squad. When you complete the task though, you'll be rewarded with the ability to revive all of your fallen teammates, which isn't too shabby at all.

Warzone Contraband contracts

Call of Duty Warzone Armored Truck

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Introduced at the beginning of season four, Contraband contracts in Warzone work differently than the other contracts in a few different ways. First off, you can't dive down from the plane on the hunt for a Contraband contract right from the get-go. This is because they only have a chance to spawn after you complete a contract, which means you're not even guaranteed to get one.

When you do receive a Contraband contract, it'll essentially be some loot that you have to deliver elsewhere on the map. Completing the delivery will reward you with a permanent blueprint to add to your Modern Warfare and Warzone arsenal. You can also pick up Contraband contracts by killing other players who are part-way through completing one.

That's everything we know about the Call of Duty Warzone contracts as of writing, but we'll be sure to continue updating this as new strategies and tactics emerge. In the meantime, why not learn everything there is to learn about the Call of Duty Warzone Map.

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