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WandaVision release date may have been accidentally leaked by Disney Plus

WandaVision release date
(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

The WandaVision release date has potentially been revealed on Disney Plus – and it’s slightly sooner than many would have anticipated.

The news comes courtesy of Murphy’s Multiverse, who spied a new addition to the source code on WandaVision’s official landing page. GamesRadar+ has since verified that the source code does indeed feature a “releasedate” value and it is listed as 2020-11-27 – or Friday, November 27.

Sure, it might be a placeholder but, not only is it still there as of writing (if you want to see it yourself right hand click on the page and click ‘View Page Source’), there’s also similar formatting on The Mandalorian season 2 page. There, the release date is October 30, as was revealed earlier this month.

Still, take this with a bucketload of salt until it’s officially confirmed. The WandaVision release date may yet be November 27 – it is a Friday, when new Disney Plus shows typically are available to stream – yet there’s still a chance this could be a mistake, or an early release date that has since shifted back.

Marvel WandaVision

(Image credit: Marvel Studios/Andy Park)

If you’re still catching up on all the big MCU news, WandaVision has already been confirmed for a 2020 release date while the other Marvel Phase 4 TV show on the horizon, Falcon and The Winter Soldier, has been officially pushed back to 2021 as per its Disney Plus page.

There’s even a WandaVision trailer to take in, complete with a unique premise that spoofs sitcoms and sees Vision coming to terms with his own mortality (or lack thereof). And make sure you’ve signed up for WandaVision in time – grab these Disney Plus deals and Disney Plus bundles before they’re gone.

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