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RTX 3070 PC deals: buy a top 30-series PC right now

RTX 3070 PC deals: buy a top 30-series PC right now
(Image credit: Nvidia)

RTX 3070 PCs offer the excellent attraction of the delectable middle ground of Nvidia's 30-series-card-powered 2021 best gaming PC spectrum. The value that the 3070 point offers is exceptional, offering a performance per currency ratio that will only enhance the generation-on-generation leaps of improvement that the card's power and tech will offer.

As a result, RTX 3070 PCs - along with RTX 3070 laptops - will mark an exceptional point to either jump into PC gaming with both feet or embrace an upgrade - particularly if you have delayed making a graphical upgrade in recent cycles. Sporting new Ampere architecture, enhanced ray-tracing cores, and tensor cores, and Very Fast G6 RAM, the RTX 3070 embraces what makes the new generation of Nvidia cards special, offering a safe 30% increase in performance over its 20-series equivalent.

Nvidia's new 30-series graphics cards will be permeating all manner of static and portable gaming machines this year, making attractive propositions to our eyes and wallets up and down retailers' websites and it will be very tempting to try and nail down an RTX 3070 PC deal. The proposition of having one squeezed into one of the best gaming laptops is a tempting one - and something that's just incredibly impressive - it's RTX 3070 PCs that we really like the look of and expect to see great demand and popularity in.

The performance levels that RTX 3070 PCs, along with RTX 3090 PCs, RTX 3080 PCs, and RTX 3060 PCs, will offer is that which has historically been reserved for the most beastly, and expensive contenders for best gaming computers. However, with this new-gen being, arguably, the most affordable and best value upgrade in a while, an upgrade to an RTX 3070 PC or one of its siblings is going to be a move many make this year and one that will just make sense. And such an upgrade will not only bag you something that'll bother most folks' best graphics card lists: an RTX 3070 PC deal will likely throw a new processor, maybe some new RAM, and possibly a new motherboard at you too.

Given this glorious offering, we've gathered together some of the latest prices and retailer links to get you going in your search for being able to buy an RTX 3070 PC.

While the 3070 cards might not be the most-desired golden boy of the range - that'll be the RTX 3080 card - stock is still very low for the card itself. As a result, this has impacted the availability of RTX 3070 PCs, and retailers will have fluctuating stock, we predict, to say the least. Nonetheless, buying an RTX 3070 PC is still one of the 'best' ways of getting yourself one of the cards so it will be worth persevering and keeping your eye on things - just ask the folks who were lucky enough to buy RTX 3070 graphics cards!

Having said that, it won't be long until all the well-known brands start launching solid and wide ranges of RTX 3070 PCs: Alienware gaming PCs and laptops, ASUS models - like the ASUS ROG GA15 PC that I use in my setup, whoever you imagine will be making them so now's a good a time as any to get a lay of the land.

RTX Nvidia 3070

(Image credit: Nvidia)

If you're looking for the laptops or the graphics cards themselves, then you are a brave soul: stock is basically nonexistent. However, the following guides will have you pointing in the right direction, but you currently need more luck than those trying to buy a PS5 to get one of the rarer cards!

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