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Here's how Red Dead Online character creation works, and every way you can customise your cowboy

If you're planning to spend a lot of time in the online Western world, then arguably one of your most important tasks is to hit up the Red Dead Online character creation and set your appearance for the rest of the community to see. If you've not been through this process in Red Dead Online yet, or are thinking of making a new character, then we've got information on exactly what options are available and how you can refine your look with the Red Dead Online character creation and customisation. Thanks to the September Frontier Pursuits update, you can now make one free appearance change to an existing character, and if further appearance changes are required then they can also be made by paying a fee.

As you can see, Rockstar's level of detail has not been forgotten in the jump to multiplayer, as players can tweak with anything, from the pitch of their character's horse whistle to the structure of their eye socket. We decided to put the tools to their limit, creating some sort of rabid, portly pensioner in the process. Perhaps this is what Gandalf looks like after one too many malt beers down at The Prancing Pony. 

Don't worry if you grow to hate your new Wild West avatar, though. You'll no doubt be able to change your character's appearance in-game throughout the world of Red Dead Online, whether visiting the tailors, barbers, or shaving station just as you would in the single player portion of Red Dead Redemption 2.

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