Pokemon Go March Community Day 2019 - Shiny Treecko with exclusive move, date and time confirmed

Pokemon Go Community Day

Pokemon Go Community Day is the one day every single month that Pokemon Go players all around the world look forward to. For a three hour period, one specific Pokemon floods the streets, parks, and towns worldwide, including a special shiny version that becomes much more common. For the Pokemon Go March Community Day, Treecko is the featured Pokemon so keep your fingers crossed for a shiny Treecko that you can evolve into a shiny Sceptile that knows Frenzy Plant. Here's everything you need to know about the Pokemon Go March Community Day, including the date and time for your region, all the bonuses available, and the shiny Treecko family.

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What is the Pokemon Go Community Day?

Pokemon Go Community Day Treecko

If you're new to the world of Pokemon Go, the Pokemon Go Community Day happens once a month. Usually taking place on a Saturday, Community Day has one featured Pokemon that appears everywhere for a three-hour period. January's Community Day featured Totodile, while last month was Swinub. In March, players can get their hands on Treecko.

Alongside the featured Pokemon, there's also a unique move to be obtained if you evolve Treecko to Grovyle, and then to Sceptile. Don't forget the other bonuses too; double XP, stardust, and egg hatching distance are all common passive effects for the duration of the Community Day.

Pokemon Go Community Day is essentially a great time to walk around your local parks and towns, joining other Pokemon Go players out for some fun. Plenty of raids will go down and there's a real sense of community about the place. If you've never taken part in one before, give it a shot!

Pokemon Go March Community Day date & time

Pokemon Go March Community Day date & time

The March Pokemon Go Community Day will be taking place on Saturday, March 23 for every region. Here are the full details:

  • Date: Saturday, March 23
  • Time: 3pm-6pm local time
  • Bonus: 1/4 egg hatching distance
  • Bonus: 3 hour lures

Previous Pokemon Go Community Days have taken place earlier in the day, but Niantic are trying something new with this one so no matter which timezone you're in, the March Community Day will be from 3pm-6pm, or 15:00-18:00.

Pokemon Go March Community Day - Shiny Treecko & exclusive move

Pokemon Go Community Day - Shiny Treecko family

As always with Community Days, the shiny version of the featured Pokemon will be released with a much higher chance rate of finding one. Niantic haven't released the in-game sprite for Shiny Treecko yet, but when it's available, Shiny Treecko is a darker shade of turquoise compared to the usual green, and it's tail goes from green to red. Grovyle and Sceptile follow a similar colour pattern, but Shiny Sceptile is a much lighter blue.

If you evolve a Grovyle into Sceptile during the community day (or in the hour after!), the Sceptile will learn the move Frenzy Plant. This move is exclusive to the four hour period, so it will never be available at a later date. Sceptile is by no means one of the best Pokemon in the game, but it can often be a decent counter so make sure you get your hands on this exclusive move.

How to prepare for the Pokemon Go March Community Day

As we said before, Treecko will appear all over the shop for the three hour duration of Community Day. You'll still be able to catch the odd Pokemon of a different species but the overwhelming majority of your catches will be Treecko. So of course, you're going to want a lot of balls. Poke Balls, Great Balls, Ultra Balls - stock up as much as you can.

We'd recommend having a lot of Razz Berries available too for use on those Shiny Treecko, and if you want to get as much candy as possible, Pinap Berries are your best bet.

Don't forget about the bonuses! If there's an area you know that has a number of Pokestops in a small vicinity, stock up on a few Lures and throw them down, along with Incense and Lucky Eggs. Finally, make sure your incubators are free and you've got enough available to hatch a bunch of eggs as you walk from Pokestop to Pokestop.

Don't forget to pray to the PokeGods for a 100% IV Shiny Treecko, and good luck!