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Download of the Week: Team Fortress 2 is now free to play. Forever. Amazing times

Want more DLC? Check these out...

Zookeeper DX Touch Edition| Platform: iOS | Pub: Kiteretsu Inc. | Dev:KiteretsuInc. |Price: %26pound;1.49/$1.99
Kiss goodbye toyour free time. This megapuzzler is a mash of colourful animals who need to be sorted inlines of three or above. Think Bejeweled but with less gems and more Lions. Theold arcade SFX are worth the entrance fee alone.

Dirt 3Mud %26amp; Guts DLC| Platform:360/PS3 | Pub:Codemasters | Dev:Codemasters |Price: %26pound;4.39/$4.99
Expand your car collection in Codies brilliantrally racer with the Citroen C4 Rallycross, Ford Mustang GT,Lancia Stratos, Peugeot 205 T16 Evo 2 and the Saturn Sky.

Ms.'SplosionMan | Platform:360 | Pub:Microsoft Studios| Dev:Twisted Pixel|Price: 800MS
Why should you buy it? Read thereviewhere

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July 15, 2011