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Disney is reportedly adding a Marvel Winter Soldier and Falcon TV show to its streaming service

There’s dipping your toes in the water and then there’s how Disney’s new streaming service is doing things. Namely, diving headfirst into the probably pool of money they’ve set to one side for a potential MCU Winter Soldier and Falcon TV show. It’s on the way, according to reports and another character, Vision, might be joining another MCU TV show too. Everything is MCU now. Deal with it.

According to Variety, a six-to-eight episode run of a Winter Soldier and Falcon TV show will air on Disney’s streaming service, presumably within the next couple of years. Disney and Marvel, however, have both refused to comment and there’s been no word on whether Anthony Mackie or Sebastian Stan will reprise their roles. Silence, though, can sometimes speak volumes…

Outside of that, not much else is known. Kevin Feige is touted to be heading up the projects, with a supposed “large budget” in place to really hammer home the place of the crown jewel for the Disney streaming service. If nothing else, it’d make a welcome change from the sometimes cheesy, sometimes restrictive, and almost always overly-long Marvel Netflix shows, two of which – Iron Fist and Luke Cage – have recently been cancelled.

But that’s not all on the MCU TV show front. Vision, who was also snapped away alongside Bucky Barnes and Falcon in Avengers: Infinity War, could be back and alongside his beau Scarlet Witch in another TV show. 

Slash Film says Paul Bettany’s character will play a “large part” in a Scarlet Witch TV show that, instead of being a solo outing, may actually be a “series more about the super-powered couple.” Anything that appears to draw from Tom King’s acclaimed comic run about Vision, which sees the android try and build a ‘normal’ life for himself, gets a thumbs-up in my book.

It remains to be seen how this will affect the MCU’s movie lineup going forward, but one thing is for certain: Marvel is intent on dominating our every waking moment through the Disney streaming service and beyond. Repeat after me: MCU, MCU, MCU. It’s not going away any time soon.

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