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Destiny 2 Whisper of the Worm hidden chest locations guide

Destiny 2's Whisper of the Worm hidden chests are fundamental to making the most of the Destiny 2 Whisper of the Worm Exotic sniper rifle mission. One of the most exciting weapons in the game, tied to probably the most exciting quest that exists right now, the gun itself isn't easy to get - though our guide, linked above, will help a lot - but it's also just the start. 

After acquiring the gun - a tuned up, evolved version of D1's beloved Black Spindle - you'll also have the option of finding and levelling up an Exotic Masterwork Catalyst (which kicks its already formidable power into orbit), as well as the Enigmatic Blueprint for a new Exotic ship. But to complete both of those questlines, you'll need to know all of the Whisper of the Worm hidden chest locations. Without them, none of this grind is happening. So, because we're helpful and good, here they all are - alongside a video walkthrough from PlanetDestiny, in case you get stuck. 

  • Just after dropping in to the mission from the Lost Sector. Before you head down along the red path at the start of the platforming gauntlet, you’ll be able to see a hole in the wall on the right-hand side just above the red ledge. The chest is in there.
  • In the large room with the illuminated ports. Rather than going straight into that far top-right hole, head to its back top-left counterpart. Drop down there and you’ll find a chest.
  •  There are a couple found via the giant room with the grassy platforms around the outside. First, head to the left-hand wall and follow it along a little. Quite near the entrance to the room, you’ll see a little hole in it at ground level Continue along that path for a chest.

  • For the next one, follow the grassy platforms up to the top of the room – taking the legit, long route through the cavern – and when you come right around to the wall above the entrance, you’ll eventually find a long, vertical crevice on your left that you can slide down into. Below, you’ll see a hole in the wall. That way be the fourth chest.
  •  The last chest is in the massive room containing a Vex portal. Behind the portal you’ll find a huge, thin pillar just begging to be jumped on to. So jump. From there, you’ll see a lit-up gap in the wall on the right and, within that, the fifth chest. The first third of your Whisper of the Word Exotic Masterwork Catalyst progress is complete. Come back next weekend for more.
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