Destiny 2 error codes and how to fix them

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Destiny 2 error codes have all sorts of weird, meaningless names, but they seem to appear for the same connection issues and bugs. They can cause you to disconnect from an activity and get booted to orbit, or you might get kicked back to the Destiny 2 title screen if it’s especially severe. Fixing error codes is a whole other story as it may have just been a weird one-off or it could be consistent disconnection issue caused by a bug – one that Bungie will need to fix to resolve the error code issues. With that in mind, here are the Destiny 2 error codes we know of and some potential fixes for some of them.

Destiny 2 error codes quick guide

A lot of the Destiny 2 error codes don’t have specific fixes as they’re just due to connection issues, although further down you will find a list of error codes that can be caused by specific things and may have fixes. If in doubt, always try restarting Destiny 2, clearing the cache on your platform (power cycle your console), checking your own internet connection, and taking a look at Bungie Help for updates – it may be that a Bungie-side server issue is causing persistent error codes for lots of players. Here are some of the most common Destiny 2 error codes:

If your error code wasn’t listed, check this Bungie Help error codes page to see any potential fixes for every code. You might also be facing platform error codes while playing Destiny 2. Make sure you know how you can fix any PS5 error codes and PS4 error codes too.

Destiny 2 error code banjo

Error code banjo can appear if you are having trouble connecting to or maintaining a connection to Destiny matchmaking servers. This might be just a weird drop causing you to disconnect, so you might be able to just rejoin the matchmaking queue for whatever activity you were in. If banjo is more persistent, try restarting Destiny 2 or power cycling your console.

If banjos are menacing you repeatedly when trying to log into Destiny 2 on a PS4 or PS5, things can be resolved if you try removing your PlayStation Network profile from your console and re-adding it. Your Destiny 2 data won’t be affected, but make sure you’ve got backups of other stuff just in case.

Destiny 2 error code centipede

Error code centipede is a common one as it’s a general networking error, so you might see it if you’re disconnecting from Destiny 2 a lot. This is unfortunately likely to be on your end, so make sure you check that your internet connection is strong enough and in working order – use a wired connection if possible too.

It may also be that your NAT is preventing you from connecting as it’s set to Strict or Type 3. You should get it into an Open or Type 1 state, but restrictions set by your network or internet service provider may make this impossible.

Destiny 2 error code marionberry

Error code marionberry in Destiny 2 can appear if there’s a problem with your network. Brief connection outages can be a cause, but if marionberry error codes are appearing consistently, try closing Destiny 2 and then turning off your router or modem, unplugging it, and leaving it for at least 30 seconds. Replug your router or modem and turn it back on, then reconnect your devices if necessary and try booting up Destiny 2 again. If marioberry codes persist, this could be a hardware issue.

Destiny 2 error code nightingale

Error code nightingale is a pretty minor error code, so you may actually be able to just try what you doing when the error appeared again. If nightingale is persistent, try restarting Destiny 2. Failing that, power cycle your console to clear the cache or verify the game’s files if you’re on Steam or the Epic Games Store – for the Microsoft Store on PC, you’ll want to repair the Destiny 2 app on Windows.

Destiny 2 error code weasel

Error code weasel usually indicates that you’re having general networking and connection issues. To fix this, you’ll want to check your internet connection to your device and, if possible, switch to a more stable wired connection. If weasel prevents you from launching Destiny 2, power cycling your console might also help.

Error code weasel can also appear if you use Destiny 2 cross save to log in to multiple platforms at the same time on a single account. You may also see this error code appear if you’ve just been served a ban. The error code is a result of the ban, not a cause of the ban, so if you find you have been banned, you probably deserved to get weaselled.

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