Is Destiny 2 down?

Destiny 2 error code weasel message
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The Destiny 2 servers are indeed down due to some last-minute scheduled maintenance, so players can't log in. This is presumably to prepare for the influx of players that log in to Destiny 2 to try out the new Raid. And if you weren't quite done getting your loadouts together and power level up, don't worry as this maintenance isn't meant to last long.  Here’s what's going on with the Destiny 2 servers right now and whether you can play The Final Shape.

Is Destiny 2 down and how long for?

Destiny 2 scheduled maintenance message

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Currently, yes. Destiny 2 is down for scheduled maintenance prior to the launch of the Destiny 2 Salvation's Edge Raid.

Bungie anticipates that the downtown for players should last roughly an hour with the servers going live again at roughly 2pm UTC. Note that during this time certain game integration features will also be down, so you might not be able to use certain third-party apps or even parts of the Destiny 2 mobile app. However, be aware that maintenance will continue for another hour after players log in, so you may still encounter some issues.

While you may have been booted out of the game by a seemingly random Destiny 2 error code, this is intentional as the servers are brought offline so that technicians at Bungie can do what they need to do to ensure a smooth Raid race.

When things come back online, expect the servers to be throttled when you try to log back in. That means it might take you a while to get back into the game to finish your Salvation's Edge prep, so be patient and keep an eye on the Bungie Help Twitter account for updates.

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