PS5 error codes, what they mean, and how to fix them

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PS5 error codes are an unwelcome sight when you try to do something on your console, especially after the significant investment you've made in the hardware and any games to go with it. However, frustrating as they are, error codes shouldn't be a cause for immediate panic, as they are often signifiers of temporary issues or can easily be fixed if you know how. Thankfully there are only a relatively small number of common PS5 error codes that you need to be aware of, so we're here to explain what they mean and provide possible error code fixes where known, so you can get back to gaming on your PS5 as soon as possible without further interruptions.

PS5 error code CE-107880-4

"Something went wrong."

This PS5 error code with a particularly helpful description usually occurs in relation to pre-orders and either pre-loading or installing exclusive add-on content, as seen with Saints Row. If your issue is with pre-loading, then try accessing your PSN library (opens in new tab) on a browser to cancel any pending downloads then queue the download remotely. If that doesn't work, you can also try fully powering off your PS5 then restarting it, or restoring licences via the System > Users and Accounts > Other > Restore Licences option.

If you are receiving this error code in relation to add-on content, then the problem could be that the specific item(s) haven't been made available yet due to an issue with the release date attached to them on the PlayStation Store, or the system is incorrectly trying to access the PS4 version of the DLC which isn't compatible with the PS5 game. Unfortunately in these cases there is currently no known fix, and you'll need to wait for Sony or the developers to resolve the problem before you can receive your additional content.

PS5 error code CE-108862-5

"Unable to connect to the server."

This is another connection error message, but this time possibly relating to the servers for the individual game you are playing. If the PlayStation Network status page linked above confirms everything is currently working, then check the game developer's website or social media channels to see if they have a specific issue. Again, it's likely this is a temporary connection fault, so if you can't resolve it then wait and try again later.

PS5 error code CE-109506-1

PS5 error code CE-109506-1 is keeping players from connecting to the PSN, as noted in our PSN servers seemingly down story, but as of now, we aren't aware of a fix, or even a reason for the code. We searched Sony's website through and through and it isn't listed there, so it's likely an emerging issue. At the time of writing, PlayStation has yet to acknowledge the issue, but considering how widespread it seems to be, that's likely to change soon.


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PS5 error code CE-105799-1 / CE-113212-0

"Unable to connect to the server."

These are PSN connection error message, so the first thing to do is check the PlayStation Network status page (opens in new tab) to make sure everything is up and running. If there is no maintenance or downtime in progress, restart your PS5 and configure your wireless connection settings again, checking your router is in range or switching to a wired connection if possible. If the problem persists, turn off your modem and router for 5 minutes, then restart and update your router firmware if available. If the issue still isn't resolved then it's likely there's a temporary connection fault, so wait and try again later.

PS5 controller, AKA DualSense

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PS5 error code CE-107520-5 / CE-108889-4

"Please install the latest system software."

This PS5 error code means that your system software is not up to date, so connect to the internet and follow the instructions to update to the latest version. If you can't connect your console online, you can also download and install the latest system software on a USB drive via a computer, or update it using a game disc. For more information on this process, see the official PS5 System Software Update (opens in new tab) site.

PS5 error code NP-102955-2

"The account information is incorrect."

If you're receiving this PS5 error code, then the PlayStation Network account log in information you're supplying does not match the records held by Sony. Double check that you're entering the correct email address and password (case sensitive), and if you're sure the information you're entering is correct then you'll need to contact customer services to reset your password.

PS5 error code CE-108255-1

"Something went wrong with this game or app."

A number of players are receiving this PS5 error code, and unfortunately the initial prognosis doesn't sound good. Some are getting it with one specific PS5 game, while others are receiving the error with every PS5 title they try. Although Sony haven't officially commented on the issue yet, several people are reporting that they've spoken to customer services and been advised that they'll need to return their hardware for replacement. If you are getting this error and it persists, you'll need to contact PlayStation customer services for more details.


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Other PS5 error codes

If the particular PS5 error code you've been experiencing isn't listed here, there are other resources you can go to for support. The Reddit PlayStation Community Support Team are currently building this PlayStation Error Code Database (opens in new tab) to cover a wide variety of issues, or you can search the error code on the PlayStation Support (opens in new tab) site itself to see if there is a support article available.

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