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Warzone Season 5 - release date, map changes, weapons and more

Warzone Season 5
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Warzone Season 5 details are scarce, with no strong teases in Season 4 Reloaded, but that doesn't mean there isn't info on the new season. As the release date gets nearer expect more details on new map changes, new weapons, operators and more. 

What info there is about the future of the Call of Duty battle royale, and what Warzone Season 5 might bring, is coming up in our guide. We've got everything there is to know as we go through all the details we currently have on the new Warzone season. With a WW2 themed COD rumored to be on the way later in the year, there's a lot of talk about how things might tie Verdansk to a Second World War game. While there's a way to go before that game arrives, Season 5 updates could well start building towards that - there's a lot of talk of a completely new map on the way as well so expect Warzone to start seeding teases to big changes anytime in the future. Read on to see what we know about Warzone Season 5 right now, and what events in the game are telling us about the future. 

When does Warzone Season 5 start? 

When does Warzone Season 5 start?

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Handily, knowing when Warzone Season 5 starts is easy because the battle pass always lists the time it resets. Currently, the countdown timer puts the current battle pass end, and thus the Warzone Season 5 start date, at around August 9 or 10. Call of Duty is always prompt with its change overs as well, so expect that date to be more or less set in stone. By the end of August 10, at the latest, we should be in the new season and seeing what's changed first hand. 

New Warzone Season 5 modes

Warzone payload

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There's always a new mode of some sort to start a season, so a new Warzone season 5 mode is a shoe in. What that is remains to be seen, but the new Season 4 reloaded mode Payload is in interesting indication of what the future might hold. The vehicle escorting mission is the first objective based mode to appear in Warzone, and if Season 5 continues the idea that's setting up there could be some interesting new challenges to overcome in Warzone Season 5.  

Warzone Season 5 map - will there be a new map or big changes


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There are some real interesting rumors about a new Warzone map, although the jury's out on what we might see of that for a new Warzone Season 5 map. Reports so far point to this year's Call of Duty - with the working title Call of Duty: Vanguard and a codename of Slipstream - is set in WW2 and will add a completely new map to Warzone. Allegedly it'll be set in the Pacific Theater, and be a lot bigger than the current Verdansk map. It will also add new vehicles to help you get around this bigger space. What's not clear currently is whether the new, larger Warzone map will completely replace Verdasnk, or the two will coexist.

The new COD won't release until October/November this year, so the Warzone Season 5 map's August date means we probably won't see any big changes just yet. However, some sort of reveal or tease laying groundwork for the future isn't out of the question. The Red Doors for example, which teased changes for Season 4 reloaded, could easily add things to the game. 

What's almost certain for the Warzone Season 5 map are some subtle changes or updates to the existing Verdansk '84 layout. Perhaps some new areas opening up or altering in some way, or more dynamic event-based changes like the satellites.

What's in the Warzone season 5 battle pass?

Call of Duty: Warzone skins

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Obviously it's too soon to really tell  what might be in the Warzone Season 5 Battle Pass at this point, but the more recent additions of Season 4 seem to suggest the initial 80s-heavy themes that came with Cold War's take over are long behind us. We might have had the 80s action heroes events with Rambo and Die Hard, but operator skins and weapon blueprints at the moment are firmly veering in random fantasy territory. Once Warzone Season 5 starts to show its themes, however, expect the Warzone Season 5 Battle Pass to reveal its treasures. 

As ever, the Warzone Season 5 Battle Pass will set you back 1,000 COD Points for the basic unlock, or 2,400 COD Points for the option that unlocks the first 25 tiers. 

What are the Warzone Season 5 guns? 

best Warzone sniper

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The next round of Warzone Season 5 guns and weapons could shake up the meta in a lot of ways following repeated rounds of balancing attempting to better blend Cold War and Modern Warfare's armory. The last few balancing passes have really added a new level of parity to the two significantly different weapon sets. The balance between the two games' guns, and through Warzone overall, is looking pretty good right now. How Season 5, and it's new raft of weapons, develops that could see things balanced even better (hopefully) and add even more interesting options to take into battle. What's interesting is that Season 4 reloaded has only added three weapons to the mix this time and one of them is a melee weapon. Only adding two actual guns suggests they might be holding something back for the full refresh in Warzone Season 5. 

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