Warzone Combat Scout perk overview - Is the new perk worth it?

warzone combat scout
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If you want to know if the Warzone Combat Scout perk is good, or worth using then let explain the new option. In short this a Call of Duty Warzone perk that you should absolutely consider using depending on your playstyle. The new Warzone Combat Scout perk falls into the third slot, competing with the likes of Amped and Tracker.

Given the right circumstances, Warzone Combat Scout can be highly effective, especially if you have good communication skills with your team. 

In this guide, we’ll show you all the benefits of using Combat Scout, and whether we think it’s worth it. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Warzone Combat Scout perk.

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What does the Warzone Combat Scout perk do?

The in-game description for Combat Scout is as follows:

“Damaging an enemy briefly highlights them for you and marks them for the entire squad.”

In essence, this is perfect for people who like to rush into buildings to engage with enemies who are close to cover. After you’ve damaged your enemy, they’ll light up bright red and show up through walls, similar to the way snapshot grenades work. 

It’s best used alongside a close-quarters loadout, such as a setup with an SMG or shotgun. That way, you can rush in, strike, and be totally sure where your opponent will end up after they run away.

The Warzone Combat Scout perk is not ideal for players who utilize long-range weapons, as enemies are only marked for a couple seconds. It’s tough to make it worthwhile from afar, so stick to the close-quarters builds with this one.

Is the Warzone Combat Scout perk worth it?

Whether or not the perk is worth it is based on your play style and if you plan on communicating with your team. For those who like to be aggressive and push buildings, it can be highly effective. 

The bigger issue is whether or not you should give up the Amped perk, which has become a Warzone staple over the course of its lifecycle. Amped allows you to swap weapons faster, which is also ideal for aggressive players. 

Ultimately, Amped is going to be useful more often, as it’s more common to have to swap weapons than it is to damage an enemy who ends up running away. Amped will save your life more often than Combat Scout will, so for that reason, we think Amped is better.

Give Combat Scout a try to see how you like it, but it’s likely most players will end up gravitating back towards Amped after a little while. 

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