Apex Legends' first Switch trailer shows off exclusive Pathfinder skin

Respawn and EA have unleashed the first official Apex Legends Switch trailer, and it shows off the new Switch-exclusive Pathfinder skin.

Apex Legends' March 9 launch on Nintendo Switch will introduce the Legendary Pathfinder P.A.T.H. skin, seen for a few precious seconds in the above trailer. The skin will be free to Switch players who download Apex Legends for a limited time, but it's unclear if it'll become available for purchase at a later date. 

In addition to the exclusive Pathfinder skin, Switch players will be gifted 30 free Battle Pass levels and double XP for the first two weeks after launch. And if that's not enough incentive to dive in, the Switch version includes all up-to-date seasonal content and supports cross-platform play, which is great news considering the game is more popular than ever over on Steam.

Apex Legends season 8 kicked off a month ago with the new 30-30 Repeater rifle, the Mayhem battle pass, the new gold magazines, and of course the explosive new Legend Fuse. The newcomer is undoubtedly one of the best Apex Legends characters to play if you're a fan of grenades - his mechanical arm allows him to throw explosives farther and more accurately than other characters, and he can also stack an extra grenade per inventory stock. 

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