Apex Legends Season 8 gameplay trailer shows off new skins, map locations, and more

Apex Legends Fuse
(Image credit: EA/Respawn)

A brand new Apex Legends Season 8 gameplay trailer has debuted, giving us a look at all the new additions arriving in Mayhem next month.

You can check out the full gameplay trailer for Season 8: Mayhem in Apex Legends just below. There's plenty of new additions for the upcoming season, including the Golden Magazines loot items, which reload your stowed weapon, as well as newcomer Fuse, which we can see firing grenades at other players using one of his unique abilities based around his robotic arm.

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The new gameplay trailer also gives us a look at some of the exclusive Battle Pass rewards for the upcoming Season 8. There's the new 'Radical Action' skin for Bangalore, and the new 'Bad to the Bone' skin for Lifeline, both of which you'll be able to unlock through progressing the Battle Pass.

Elsewhere, there's a lot of changes being made to the King's Canyon map in Season 8: Mayhem, which Respawn has broken down in great detail on the official Apex Legends website. There's a ton of new locations to delve into and explore, including Fuse's crashed ship, which can be found just north of Artillery, expanding the previous northern limits of the King's Canyon map.

Additionally, Slum Lakes has been wiped clean off of King's Canyon, and replacing it is Spotted Lakes. This new location, like Fuse's ship, sports ECHO camps dotted around it, which are acting as cleanup sites in the wake of the destruction caused by the ship crash-landing. 

There are also brand new Observation Towers scattered around all four ECHO camps in the new version of King's Canyon. These towers can be manually raised up from the ground to give your team a positional advantage over nearby enemies, but come at the risk of revealing your position to said enemy squads.

Apex Legends

(Image credit: EA)

Finally, in map updates, the Apex Legends development team has actually been going round and adjusting points of interest on the King's Canyon map. For example Farm will be removed entirely once Season 8 commences, and other locations have had buildings altered to give attacking teams a fair fight.

In short, there's a lot of changes and new content alike coming to Apex Legends with Season 8: Mayhem. The next successive season of Respawn's battle royale game is set to launch in less than a week from now on February 2.

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