Apex Legends new character Fuse is gonna make grenades hurt a helluva lot more

The Apex Legends Fuse character trailer has arrived ahead of Season 8, and it's bringing the boom. Check it out above, and read on for more details.

Walter "Fuse" is a connoisseur of all things that explode, which means he's the character you'll wanna snag if you're a fan of the grenades in Apex Legends (I know I am). Not only can he throw grenades further, father, and more accurately thanks to his mechanical arm, but he can stack one more grenade per inventory stock. As a Bangalore main, I can see Fuse easily becoming my new favorite character. Here's how his abilities stack up:

  • Passive: Grenadier - Fuse can throw ordinances with more accuracy, speed, and distance than other Legends, and can hold one more grenade in each inventory slot
  • Tactical: Knuckle Cluster - Fuse deploys a cluster bomb that splinters into mini-concussion mines
  • Ultimate: Motherlode - Fuse shoots off his rocket launcher "Wally" that drops an explosive ordinance on targets and surrounds them in flames

Thanks to the Apex Legends Season 8 Launch trailer, we know that Fuse is the ambassador of boom, but this character trailer makes it obvious he'll be a viable option for aggressive Apex players. While his grenade ability is one of my favorites, it's hard to see how he's all that different from Bangalore, whose ultimate is fairly similar as well. The similarities may mean that Fuse gets picked over Bangalore in upcoming matches, but we'll have to see how this all plays out. Apex Legends Season 8: Mayhem launches February 2 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. 

The Apex Legends Nintendo Switch version was delayed last year, but here's hoping we get it soon. 

Alyssa Mercante

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