Apex Legends is more popular than ever on Steam

Apex Legends Fuse
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Two years after it first released on PC, Apex Legends has hit an all-new concurrent user record on Steam.

Thanks to the new arrival of Season 8 and all-new Legend Fuse, the battle royale has sparked new interest and set a new simultaneous user record of just shy of 200K players – 198,235, to be precise, according to SteamDB (thanks, Dexerto).

It has a long way to go before PUBG's staggering peak of 3,236,027 players looks to be in jeopardy, of course, but it's an impressive feat for a game that's just celebrated its second anniversary and had initially been exclusive to EA's Origin platform on PC.

ICYMI, Apex Legends might have had its next in-game event leaked and it could be called "Chaos Theory".

A listing on the Target website for the Apex Legends Nintendo Switch release on March 9 originally said: "Apex Legends makes its long-awaited debut on Switch this season alongside the Chaos Theory event". The information was swiftly deleted, of course, leading some to speculate that this is the name of the next big in-game event heading to the game.

Apex Legends on the Switch will also launch with the latest season – Mayhem – which added its 16th new Legend Fuse to the Apex Games, as well as a dramatically changed Kings Canyon map. Get a look at it with the Apex Legends season 8 trailer

Apex Legends is celebrating its two-year anniversary with a special Collection Event, featuring a returning game mode and exclusive items. The event, which kicks off on February 9, was announced in a special video which shows off all the things we can expect to see from the anniversary celebration.

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