Apex Legends announces special two-year anniversary Collection Event

Apex celebrates two years with a special Collection Event
(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Apex Legends is celebrating its two-year anniversary with a special Collection Event, featuring a returning game mode and exclusive items.

The event, which kicks off on February 9, was announced in a special video which shows off all the things we can expect to see from the anniversary celebration.

Not only can we drop in and earn 10 free Apex Packs, but we can also get two of the special Collection Event Apex Packs – which normally you need to buy with in-game currency – for free.

A new game mode, Locked and Loaded, is also making a comeback on the recently-changed Apex Legends map – this will be the third time that King's Canyon has been playable in the battle royale.

Locked and Loaded sees you land with a full kit of starting gear – complete with a Mozambique – and all the ground loot you'll find is blue rarity and above.

As with every Collection Event in Apex, there will be plenty of free rewards to earn through playing, as well as being able to purchase special Apex Packs to grab some special red-themed cosmetics for each Legend.

Respawn Entertainment said this event is to serve "as a thank you for dropping with us". As one more added bonus, if you grab yourself all the Collection Event items, you'll be able to unlock any Heirloom item of your choice to use with your favourite Legend.

Apex Legends has just kicked off its eight-season, which added a new Legend in Fuse and changed up the Kings Canyon map once again; so there's plenty for us to get stuck in to. 

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