Apex Legends next event 'Chaos Theory' might have been leaked by a listing on Target

Apex Legends Caustic
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Apex Legends might have had its next in-game event leaked and it could be called "Chaos Theory".

As spotted by the Twitter account @TitanFallBlog and Biast12, a listing on Target is showing the Nintendo Switch version of the game is up for pre-order, which has been slated for release on March 9.

The most interesting part is that further down the page, under the heading "Highlights" it goes on to mention "Apex Legends makes its long-awaited debut on Switch this season alongside the Chaos Theory event".

People are speculating that this is the name of the next big in-game event headed to the Apex games, which will most likely see the rumored Caustic Town Takeover come into effect.

It seems pretty likely that Target has published some sensitive information here with the name of the event, but there's plenty in-game which is hinting towards something big happening, or at least the next event to follow from the anniversary event taking place right now.

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The anniversary event, by the way, was supposed to end this week but Respawn has decided to extend it to run until March 2, which means the Locked and Loaded mode is continuing and you can still grab the event-exclusive cosmetics on offer if you haven't already.

Elsewhere in Apex Legends, another in-game teaser has been added to the Kings Canyon loading screen which shows Caustic wandering around and doing something no-doubt nefarious around the northern part of the map. Sure enough, players have found a tiny audio log in the game sitting on a crate. If you click on it, you'll hear a message from Caustic, further pointing towards the Town Takeover being implemented into the game.

Whatever it is Caustic discusses in the audio log, it seems tied to a large container that is just a few feet away from this teaser. Leakers and data miners are suggesting that the Town Takeover will be situated at Water Treatment and, unfortunately, all that nice water is probably going to get treated with nox gas.

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